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This is John Lyon the arrested kidnapper wearing an APC t-shirt. He was a proud APC member. Imagine if this was Peter Obi’s face on his shirt, Nigeria would have been on fire.

Keyamo and co can’t say anything on this.

Photos Of Alleged Notorious Kidnapper 'Lion' With Security Operatives Shared Online After His Arrest

Photos Of Alleged Notorious Kidnapper 'Lion' With Security Operatives Shared Online After His Arrest

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36 seconds ago

Not all supporters can be monitored we as APC condemn his actions in totality he should be prosecuted if found guilty he should serve his term we don't encourage this and anybody can print APC logo that does not mean he or she is a member of the party

Dear Oga AGBADO, learn to make a constructive comment, imputing punctuation marks where due, and let’s see if you can manage to attract the attention you’re clamoring for. Happy Sunday

If it was PETER OBI we all will know it's a frame for all of Nigeria to be against him, we all know how it happening In Nigeria. Customized APC shirt, being worn by his men shows he's a sponsor in some capacity of the evil party.

Imagine if he was also from the southeast, people like @DOlusegun

would've been trending Igbos are giving Nigeria a bad name.

Meanwhile, as I remain Obidient. No matter what part of the country you're from, you must be Obidient if you really believe in one Nigeria. Igbos deserve a chance to attempt to fix this country.

It's the so-called 'structure' they brag about. Structure of criminality which they utilise to intimidate/harass voters and INEC officials alike. After PO becomes President, these structures will be fully dismantled.

MarriageLast activity 10 minutes ago

If this story na true, some men Mata dey tire me. Na, your nanny daughter, you see go impregnate. Shame on you, mister man. If to say you never marry before, there is no problem with that. But under d same roof, when you and your wife dey you get mind to do such thing. That is, you don't have respect for the woman b4 now. 

U even get money self cos before person gets a nanny, which means little money dey. Why didn't you go out there if na woman be your problem and look for? Both young and old girls full outside you can even select from with your money in your account. Some people now fit think this kind of thing says na charm, but it might just be d man's fault. May God help us

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one second ago

Fool, close your mouth. Why didn't the house's madam make herself useful by cleaning and cooking? But instead, she brought in the nanny, who also brought her daughter to come and displace the madam. If a man sees another woman cooking, cleaning, and taking care of his kids, things that ordinarily his wife should've been doing for him, he will surely get feelings for her if she's young and pretty—no two ways about that. If you choose to be a career woman and a wife, that is good, but find a way to balance things at work and home. It's the man's job to provide, not you.

A neighbor of mine brought her sister to assist her in the family. She ended up as the second wife after OGA impregnated her. Oga impregnated the madam sales girl, married her, and sent madam packing after she threatened to poison him. Suppose he marries the sales girl. These are a few samples of betrayal. They are not made-up stories.

Naija men should watch their dicks. The way the thing is putting them into wahala is something else. What a story. kai!


12 minutes ago

MarriageLast activity 12 minutes ago

Men and women are both polygamous. Let us stop deceiving ourselves. Women will always blame men for their polygamous nature but will detach themselves from the part abi deny the part they play in making that possible. We all know that we can't deny our nature or even cheat nature sef. We will always defeat ourselves when we fight against nature .polygamy is more attainable and sustainable than any other marital platform.

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2 seconds ago

Do not blame the nanny. It is the oga idiot that can control himself. Wife went to work. She didn't die. If it is not this goal, it will be another girl. And the wife? What kind of work do you do that nanny stays with your kids while your husband is at home?? No nursery in Lekki?

RelationshipLast activity 12 minutes ago

And some are dating criminals that don’t want their pics to go online. Most ladies know about their guys business and decide to keep quiet🤐.

VideoLast activity 12 minutes ago

Hmmm, abroad na your mate? No body even say make dem pay for her to end the embarrassment chei!... If not for bad governance, home is home. People for don ask, how much be the money. Hmmm,but she get mind, enter saloon make hair and no, money.

Make una also help her clear the hair for her SKU*LL TOO TO EASE THE STRESS SO SHE NO GO TRY AM WITH ANOTHER VENDOR .WEREY GIRL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

RelationshipLast activity 12 minutes ago

What goes around comes around... when a girl feels she needs more than she is getting momentarily, she moves to another guy. When the guy then feels hurt,betrayed and broken, next time he plays safe by getting multiple girls. And the circle continues... cheat and let cheats will not make the kind of family and society that's best for us all in the long run.

How disrespectful men had seen ladies like sardine's they can open eat and throw the can away then have another and eat and still throw for me I refuse to be taken for granted and tagged as an exchange rate


15 minutes ago

MarriageLast activity 15 minutes ago

Wetin no fit happen for that una lekki? Thank God say na her daughter and not her son she sent to take over the house as oga new love.

All of these Twitter lies just to rile up married women. Be deceiving yourself. The dude is still a young man since e still dey born pikin as his wife has kids that need a nanny. Even Judy belle, na because she no gree comot am as Yul wanted that e be as e be. So because of normal pregnancy, he married a mgbeke from the village and yoked himself to liability for life? The pregnancy that some men are killing woman wey no wan comot di belle over? Unless dem jazz am, Never. He will take her for instant abortion instead.

Na who know way know book the day. Hmmmmmm, if na you were the girl's mother and saw an opportunity that sometimes only comes once, won't you take it? Sometimes we complain when we are not wearing the shoes but will do the same thing if given the same opportunity or do worse self.

RelationshipLast activity 15 minutes ago

Everybody na OXLADE and PAPAYA EX , na who Dem catch be MERCY eyeBAE and YUL EDOCHIE 😂Of all the things in the world , you decided to speak facts ma’am … I’m sure they’ll be here in the comment ranting … just wait you’ll see them and they’re always the ones playing victim 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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Hmmm I don't think its possible to have close to 5 men sef, how the babe go take do am with one yansh? One sef na work. I just think some babes love their privacy

WomanLast activity 15 minutes ago

The Holy Bible, the Word of God, is the Standard and guide for all who desire to please God here on Earth and make Heaven in Eternity.

Gen 1:27-28

So God created man in his image, in the image of God created him; male and female created him.

And God blessed them, and said unto them, Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the Earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth.

GOD Almighty is the Owner and originator of our lives, the Institutor of Procreation, the Institutor of Marriage, and the Institutor of Life. Whatever He proscribes for Humanity is the only acceptable way.

Whatever humans try to do outside GOD'S order is Ungodly, Unnatural, and an abomination. It does not matter how palatable your reason sounds.

GOD'S order for Copulation is between a man and woman. Husband and wife. Anything outside is evil.

If you do not desire to get married as a man or woman, you should not also choose to carry the benefits of marriage. No matter how the world, technology, and so on change, the world of GOD will not Change.

So let's quit trying to Innovate, advance, and modify Iniquity, debasement, and evil because everyone will stand before GOD to account for what is done in this body.

Getting inseminated because I don't want to get married is unnatural, abomination, and evil and is the same as homosexuality, Beastility, etc.

Let us Fear GOD ALMIGHTY and obey HIS word.

Proverb 3:7

Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

If you desire to make Heaven, you will seek to obey and please God and quit trying to be wise in your own eyes.

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Who is this writing nonsense? The OP is about a lady who is scared of getting older and if this is an option for her in the future. So you expect that she should wait and let her menopause come and snatch the only opportunity for her to have a child in life abi? YOU ARE A COW.

Why are so-called Nigerian Christians so daft to take a decision that will better their life, except they look at it through the lens of religion? Why do they think their lives should conform to the norms of the church?

Mr commenter, there are only two people in life that are interested in one's life. God and the individual. Every other person na wash. Let any lady that's interested in artificial insemination, if she has no other option, get it and feel the joy of motherhood, and shut that your trap called mouth spewing rubbish

Everything is sin, yet Nigeria is the world capital of sinners.

So who are the righteous ones, then? Don't blame the useless commenter. They are lost sheep. I blame poverty and poor quality of life. Else who will have time listening to them and their heaven versus hell stories?

Ladies, please don't listen to the fool up there. The same bible that said the woman was created out of man cannot be supported by nature or science. All men come through the woman.

The quote you made is not even related to artificial insemination. You were busy saying the bible is the word of God and a guide to all, yet no verses mentioned up there denounce insemination.

Just because you are not okay with it does not mean you use the bible to back up your claim. There was a time people were saying rapping and breaking dance in the church was a sin.

P. S

Today is world pharmacist day. Let's join hands and celebrate pharmacists' contributions to health care.

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Most of these Nigerian/African hair braiders in abroad claims to be professionals and after the service you’ll notice the hair nothing compared to what they advertised. The black Americans are not ready to pay if they’re not satisfied. Here in Japan, we are scared to braid our hairs because we don’t want to pay almost 50,000 naira for nonsense and there has been lots of problems between braiders and customers.

What if she misplaced her money? What if her card was rejected ? What if she forgot the money or card at home? What if she was supposed to collect the money from someone and the person come disappoint last minute ? Just what if ?😂

This no hate here but I think persons will speak this language out there should try to control certain situations instead of making it worse and everyone getting to know we are all Nigerians. I get shame small 🤦🏾‍♂️

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