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My Male Colleague At Work Is Over-protective Of Me. I Also Noticed That He Does This For Only Me And No Other Person. I Need Advice!

At my work place, recently I noticed that one of my senior male colleague in his early thirties, not married is always defending, an...

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My Female Colleague Stopped Talking To Me After I Blocked Her Because She Wouldn't Do The Same By Giving Me Inside Info Of What Is Happening At Work.

So this female colleague of mine doesn't pick my call when I need to get information of the happenings in the office yet I pick hers...

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I Was Shortlisted For An Interview With Motion Yield LTD. Is This Real Or A Scam?

I was invited for an interview in this company. Is there any other person shortlisted for the interview? Is the place fake? I do not...

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2 days ago

virtual betting on phones has codes.. you don't stake anyhow.. you wait for some particular codes to pop up then stake.. I can tell you number of times have actually won 8k with just 100naira. I know my limits and when I start losing I log out immediately.. they understood most of us are greedy and that's why many keep lossin.

If you don't like using condoms why not advice your babes to use contraceptives ?

Moreover, I hope you know that STDs no dey show for face?

sport betting is like a cancer to the player. When u go so deep inside, it take a strong discipline to come up

I pity those who get hope inside it that one say they will make it there. Common, that game was not design for you bruz, it was design for the bet company and that is while you wonder that you hardly see people becoming so wealthy from it.

Play for fun like I do. I only bet spare change and I regularly play the lottery at shopping malls. That's the only way to keep winning.

I know a friend who has been jobless for almost three years now and he supports his family with sports betting.

Nothing wrong with sports betting na you wan turn Elon Musk overnight.

It seems you have feelings for her . The earlier you understand that your work colleagues are not your friend the better for you. They can run you down at anytime just to get ahead in the company and also try avoid office politics.

I can totally relate bro. You are always available when they need you but never respond when you need them. That is how selfish and self centered people can be. Block her ass and end the friendship. She can NEVER be useful to you

You must be single/unmarried!

The average married woman put her phone in her bag. The phone might ring like 5 times before she picks it.

Secondly, you are not one of her inner circles of gist mongers therefore you will not receive priority in call-back.

You could have asked her gently when you called her. It could be something worth hearing and if one had too many missed calls, sometimes you miss out on one or two. She could have apologized if you called her attention to it...

Guys of these days sha...

Sorry bro!

Advise your friend to go for nursing..

Gone are those days that we decide based on passion, now it is strictly based on finance and job security. Except you don't have the brain for it..

If I had known, I would have studied medicine at all cost...


2 days ago

Don't know why I am tempted to write this here, maybe because I gave up such opportunity 13years ago which I still regret today.

So from experience, I am telling you to go do that nursing now if you don't want to regret like me because you may never get job for life with that Bch certificate of yours Sadly and unfortunately.


2 days ago

You did the right thing son. you are now a grown man. law of growing up is take care of those who take care of you and show concern of those who do the same. unless he or she is feeding you or paying your nepa bills, those are the two life support that want to kill a Man in this Buhari government.

you did good, infact you would have started since the day you were aware she doesn't pick your call that's a trait of narcissism, I guess she has many SIMPS at her feet that's why she feels she can do anyhow


2 days ago

Their office doesn't look isolated. Did you applied for a job, and you've been invited for an interview? Instead of researching the company before and after applying, you're here asking unnecessary questions. If you didn't apply I would consider it wise for asking.

Her brother has given her the best advice, however, she is an adult who has the right to do whatever pleases her. I think she's still basking in the euphoria of the "graduate" tag.

Modified: let me explain a bit.

University based nursing leads to d award of RN and BNSc (and at times RM, RPHN).

BNSc, like almost all other undergraduate degrees is an academic qualification while RN is the professional qualification.

However, UK's demands are for professional nurses(not academic nurses) hence the equal recognition given to both.

Now, school of nursing is better in her case because, 3 years is 3years there. In exactly 3 years, she would be done and start processing her UK things. Her other option if she so much hate School of Nursing is going back to the university for BNSC, and ASUU will be smiling @ that rn 

Once she's in the UK with d School of Nursing certificate, she can run her BNSc there in a year or so while working. Foreign degree  

Moving to the UK to study Nursing (of whichever version) or for MSc. will be like moving a student whereas moving with school of Nursing RN is like moving a worker. You need to see how some trusts pamper migrant nurses.

Like I said earlier, she is an adult with absolute right to her choices

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