Gist no dey finish. Wetin you wan gist?

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Only your fiancé can answer these questions.

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23 hours ago

I know, and I’ve asked him, and he gets offended every time and says he never would do such a thing. Sometimes I wonder if he’s too proud to say that it will

Well, it will continue, cos I know how Nigerian women like to mark their territory. And considering that he’s from a family of all girls, I don’t think it will stop. They’ll always be all up in your space, especially the mom. You need to talk to him and make him understand, and then your fiancé should be diplomatic enough to handle it without making you look like the bad guy, or else they’ll feel you’re “taking their only son away from them.”


23 hours ago

I think his mom respects me, and so so the other sisters (all except the one living with us)

He’s very diplomatic and speaks up for me at every point, so I appreciate that, but it feels like I’m fighting his sister for my future husband. Lol, super weird tbh

It happens everywhere. As I said, tell him how you feel. And why’s his sister living with you guys? Doesn’t she have her place? And are you based in Nigeria?


23 hours ago

Because she financially can’t afford to live on her own. We’re all in Toronto

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The problem with this question is that it assumes that our current political system can work if we do it "properly." But it can't because it's a shyte system.

Look at the Americans that we copied it from. Looking past their propaganda, you see massive inequality and widespread poverty. For 99% of people, their daily lives are an endless grind. People work ridiculous hours and can never stop because they're buried in debt. The police are terrible and fascistic, and the government only cares about rich people and corporations. They have higher child poverty than in Cuba. And that's the wealthiest country in the world. That's the best we can aspire to under true federalism.

Instead of chasing nebulous concepts like "federalism," "democracy," and the worst one, "freedom,"; we should instead take a materialist approach. How do we make sure everyone can get enough food? How do we ensure the lowest-paid workers can afford at least a two-bedroom flat? How do we provide affordable transportation to all the places people need to go? How do we increase people's spending power and disposable income? How do we educate every child? How do we get everyone healthcare?

In a free and democratic society, people would vote to have food, safety, housing, healthcare, and a future for their kids. So why can't the government go straight to providing the things we know everyone wants?

Nigerians don't give a crap about federalism, and they want food. If the current system isn't moving us closer to providing, we should switch to one that will instead of trying to fix something that has never worked.

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America's still the most prosperous country in the world regarding power, so it is working well enough for them.

Why can't we get ours to work at least as well as the American system?

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Sadly, as long as we import more than we produce, it will continue. The scarcity of FX in Nigeria and the federal reserve is very low. I received an email today from my bank that the Form A process now takes 12 weeks, and a maximum of $7,500

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23 hours ago

Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, you can try WEMA bank. Just start the process early

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I don't know its roots, but Naira Marley popularised it in one of his songs, Japa.

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I go pursue any census worker/agent with cutlass wey go come my area con count oo. No be counting of people be Nigeria problem oo. Anything just to milk the country money nai government dey always bring out o

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You have no business coming to Lagos if you can get a flight directly to your final destination. And there's one aircraft company that would make that possible. I read an article about it—something like the Obike aircraft.

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See Osun people enjoying their half Igbo governor👏same Osun,Oyo,Ondo,Ekiti,Kwara people will come together in Lagos shouting igbos want to take over Lagos against a pure Lagosian...we await U patiently.



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"Your Husband's Mother Has More Rights In Your House Than Your Mother," A Woman Tells Married Women.

Marriage counselor no even understand what marriage is all about. How on earth will my mum and wife mum be dragging power in my own marriage. Ara gbala marriage counselor 😂😂😂😂😂

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13 Million voters Rejected him
25 states Rejected him.
His State of Origin Osun Rejected him.
The State he built Lagos Rejected him.
Abuja (Seat of Power) Rejected him.

His VP lost his state - Borno.
His party chairman lost his state - Nasarawa.

The DG of his campaign lost his state - Plateau.
The President who is the leader of his party lost his state - Katsina.
His main henchman El-Rufai lost Kaduna.
He lost Kano.
Apc supporters were loosing the Election Day but magically they became winner lol 😂
*INEC forced him on Nigerians* Behold INEC President-Elect declared by 4am while men slept
Why would da rig my mentor😢😢👨‍🦯😡

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You're dating a Yoruba demon. You're not running for any hills, I assure you.

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He hasn’t shown any sign that he’s a “Yoruba demon,” or because he’s Yoruba, you decide to profile him?


23 hours ago

I didn’t profile him because he’s Yoruba. I profiled him because I wanted a deeper understanding of what Yoruba families are like. After all, it’s relevant to my situation, and there is no other insinuation behind it. Lol, he’s far from your typical Yoruba demon that I’ve heard so many stories about, so id never define him as one.

She wasn’t referring to you. She was revering to the user that made the “Yoruba demon” comment.


23 hours ago

Hahaha, what does yoruba demon mean? 😅

It is a lot and google can be your best friend in figuring out what it means

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