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I am a white American living in Abuja for three years. I feel as safe as anywhere in the US. As anywhere in the world, there are good and bad places. People need money here and will try to take advantage. Many other people are great and will try to help and look out for you. Use your common sense, and don't worry about paying too much. It's small money for us, but spending a little more is a blessing to people. If you are afraid, pay for a guide. I have gotten more out of the experience by being around locals. Stay near the city center and use apps like Uber and bolt to get around. Try to go out in the daytime. Bring a small amount of naira to smooth things over and tip people. I love it here. It's worth seeing. Don't let people make you fearful. If you need any info, let me know. I can find people to help.

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My Question is simple if Baba Fela was still alive, who would have been his candidate? Bet me it not BAT nor Atiku

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Beaufil work. Nice work

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Some insights on the top parties you listed and could help a reader choose a candidate to vote for in the upcoming elections.

APC is a center-left, neoliberal party. They want capitalism with a social safety net, vital public services, and strong regulations. For instance, Lagos State has spent a lot on public schools, hospitals, and transportation. And they're more heavy-handed than most states regarding regulating businesses. Also, Buhari started a program that directly gives cash payments to poor and vulnerable people. They call themselves progressives but SocDems, like Germany's CDU.

PDP is anarchocapitalist. They believe in small government and letting the private sector control everything. They're happy to let Dangote have a monopoly on staple foods and starve the poor to increase his profits. And if Shell pushes Niger Delta people too far and they start protesting, PDP sends the army to shoot them, no problem.

Labour Party was supposed to be to the left of APC. They branded themselves as a trade union-controlled party fighting for the interests of workers over those of capital. But they've never governed like that, ever. Oshiomole wasn't a particularly left-wing governor, even by Nigerian standards. And the party has abandoned all pretense of being a party for workers. Their presidential candidate, Obi, is another small-government capitalist. He's still bragging about cutting spending as governor and investing state money in the stock market. And he's promising to cut spending and do austerity when he becomes president, like the Tories in the UK.

I am still determining what Kwankwaso is about and his party.

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I'm afraid I disagree with your summary of party ideology because Party ideologies take a lot of time to form in a young country. If the big guys left the APC today, it would 100% be a dead party.

Look at the very America. Back in the day, it was the Democrats that stood up for state rights- For their rights to keep or not keep slaves. Nowadays, it is the republicans that want less federalism.

We do have party ideologies, but they are not centered along the lines of the US. It’s no use comparing both countries as the factors are different. Ethnicity/tribes, religion, and so on are huge factors that define us as Nigerians.

Technically there shouldn’t be a Nigeria, but hey, it’s the hand we’ve been dealt. Now up to us to make it work the best way we can.

Lol, political parties in Nigeria don't have party ideologies. Even if they do, it's all in writing, and this is why it baffles me when folks are all about "party supremacy." Parties that convey absolutely nothing but the greedy interests of their party stalwarts.

Yes, it is Stealing money and oppressing poor people. Thank you. That is a unifying metaphor for all Nigerian political parties. That answers the question for the Kwankwoso the OP knew nothing about his party.

They don't have any difference. That's why party members switch so quickly. Most of the policies LP are talking about are the same thing PDP has done or says they want to do

Guidelines and manifestos are just mere expressions. Public officials need more political will to implement or follow through on these policies, which is where the problem lies.

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The Americans are masters of using familiar-looking faces to push their state department and CIA propaganda. The subtle message they're making here is "the white man is bad, and China is equally as bad."

China didn't colonize us and never couped us or armed rebels or started a civil war on the continent. China has never attacked an African country as the oyimbos did to Libya and Somalia. China is giving us loans on far better terms and letting us decide what we build instead of lecturing us as the west does.

They see that China is giving us an alternative to western hegemony, and they don't like it. They want us to say no to the new railways, ports, and dams and never industrialize. We should keep exporting raw materials and cocoa and be poor forever like good little slaves.

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I’ve had this entire conversation with you. In your determination to run away from the white man, you'll apply lipstick on a pig, blind yourself to the “Peoples Republic “activities, and ignore that everyone is indeed out to take our shit.

Honestly, it’s sad seeing how so many Africans will prostitute themselves to any charlatan that offers them salvation, refusing to do the hard work necessary to reconstruct the African continent with the only process we know that’s actually worked and worked over and over again. Detente.

Instead, we’ll want to join the PRC in their losing Hegemonic challenge in the hopes that we’ll get to decide on the new order. The same delusional choice we made during the Cold War. But then again, the Cold War propaganda is thick on this continent amongst the so-called “liberation minded.”

If you know how china is stealing African resources, you'd realize they need to have us in their best interest. Both sides are bad for Africa. As Thomas sankara said, "he who feeds you controls you" We are still a slave to these people. Some of you don't know what Nigerians are going through from the foreigners on our soil, how they are shipping out resources, and mining Gold on a large scale in Osun state. Do your research, and you'd know westerners and Asians are not our friends.

Wonder how it's looking for the residents working for Chinese-owned companies.

We should be refining and building our stuff, not waiting for the Chinese to do anything.


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Some Locals In Ogun State Were Spotted Ripping Down APC Presidential Candidate Banner Apart.
Some Locals In Ogun State Were Spotted Ripping Down APC Presidential Candidate Banner Apart.
Some Locals In Ogun State Were Spotted Ripping Down APC Presidential Candidate Banner Apart.

Awọn ọmọ Igbo are angry that the more they attack Tinubu, the stronger Jagaban becomes. Now they're tearing the banner. Imagine it was Andrew liver salts' banner. They would have been crying on Twitter, telling us democracy is in danger. Don't worry, 25th is here..

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This act happened in Ogun state. It means Yerobas are weak.

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Singer Tems Appreciates God Days After Clinching A Grammy Award.

If u win Grammy for your own song that's a real Grammy. A song by you and only you. All these join join Grammy wey u sing one or two lines that one na Grammy? Lol


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Try Removing Kuti From Your Name Make An Know Weda Anybody Sabi You- Peter PSquare Tells Seun Kuti
Try Removing Kuti From Your Name Make An Know Weda Anybody Sabi You- Peter PSquare Tells Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti goes to perform on many global stages from Europe to Egypt to Asia to the Americas and certainly the entire African continent. He is of noble birth. Go and find out who his grandfather and grandmother were before you abused such a man who chose to stand on his family principle. But Psquare, you are nonentities that cannot even construct a stable sentence in English. You are hustlers that work for all the corrupt politicians in Nigeria. Whether in apga or PDP, or otherwise. Seun kuti and his family are globally respected, bcos they do not bow to pressure.

Psquare, you are tribal bigots and fools, and we will sort una matter after the elections. Peter OBI, my ass. Peter OBI is just as corrupt as any other Nigerian politician. The Panama paper's criminal inditement on OBI is more than enough proof. If p-square wants an Igbo man as President, they should tell us. But they abuse all other people's candidates while preaching to us that their candidate is the Angel of the Lord. We tell them that we are Yorubas. We are not Igbos. Yorubas think, and we use our brains. I thank you.

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Crime does not pay.she was doing well with her skits but the love of fast money and shiny things overcame her.I remember how unapologetic she was when she was first arraigned the first content with whatever you work legit for,crime never pays.


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After an abortion,A woman needs all the care and love in the world due to her hormones being a mess. Emotionally,psychologically and all and I wish she had all of that. Rip sis💔

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