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The picture we see of the woman with water on her face and the boy with a spoon are painstakingly drawn from a photo, but we see him drawing from life, which might have made some suspicious. Also, people like to tear others down for being good.

Even so, he draws like he knows exactly what he's doing like I've seen people his age often draw, loosely sketching it out, finding the shapes of the head roughly before going in with blocks of tone. I can believe he's a prodigy.

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Same thing. Impressive but boring. And it’s always some soaking wet subject matter. It’s an incredible display of skill, and this guy has a good grasp of composition and lighting, More so than the usual hyperrealism artist. I just prefer more expressive art.


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I do not with her actions of killing him. In the United States when there are situations involving crimes of passion, evidence is looked into the relationship to see what occurred that led to the gruesome act. We hear cases of this when women, Nigerian woman have killed their husbands and were not charged or given lesser sentences because they too were abused. They reacted to the constant abuse. Let's be careful what we write or say or be quick to respond out of emotions. That will never happen to anyone in my life or yours. Preach love and tolerance

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With such rage, I can only imagine what stress and pain he put her through. Not condoning the act of murder, but some events led to her snapping.


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Please leave a toxic relationship and toxic people, the signs are always there. Before they finally kill you run 🏃‍♀️ for your dear life, how can this young still be with her? Leave mad people alone you are not a doctor.

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I remember this guy on Twitter… always degrading black women!! Now the ones he adored so much (white women) ended up taking his life. Nobody deserves to d!3 though RIP to him…

Fear woman o my people….this is what most of us were dealing with. Most men going through depression and stress and if you ask them they will tell you that is women and you can see what this our brother is going through and you can definitely see that his life is shattered already and if you don’t want to be with anyone and you think you can derive your happiness from that abeg stay without having anyone biko

Why so many men lack abundance mindset ? Around that time this altercation happened , should be the right time he should walk away and never see her again . Block her in all social handles . And move on with his life , Instead he chooses to be there and died because of a woman 😂😂😂


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Virgin or not. A woman you married a virgin can still cheat on you. Yea, that's for sure... AWALT... You don't own her You will never own it...

But, the stup!d!ty comes when a sane man stays committed to a non-virgin...

The stup!d!ty comes when you pay a bride price for a girl that was probably fvked with 2k or Indomie and egg... I mean, why should you pay a bride price of about 500k in addition to wedding programs and everything which I hope will cost you up to a million naira or 800k...

Her ex-boyfriend fvked and dumped her... Why should you be Ignorant to fvk and keep her.. That's where the stup!d!ty comes.., Know your worth...

The female standard has never changed. They will always look for men who can provide for them and their children; why should men's standards change from marrying virgins(our fathers) to marrying ex repented h0.e.s

She wasted her BEST years with bad guys. She is giving her REST years to you...

You want to BUY the cow when The Milk is FREE.

Go for the best cos you deserve the best...

Shaa, your life is your choice... If you want to settle down with a non-virgin...

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When they advise you to taste, test, and test-run the Engine, Gearbox, and firepower before you all tie the knot, you people will say we are sinners and pagans.

Not knowing we see things from the angle of Reality, now you have entered a dilemma: either you start cheating with one sidecock(GAY), or you continue to manage your sexual ration twice a month.

I will advise you to buy dildos and vibrators to help yourself because you have ended up with a man with low sex libido. I hope other members of the "Sex only on the wedding night crew" take note and learn.

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I knew a girl who drew like this growing up but with animals as a subject. It always amazed me, and librarians would hang up her artwork around our elementary school's library. She never went on to do anything with it and is now a first-generation farmer. Somewhat weird and always made me wonder why. She did it for fun when she was a kid, and she could have been a prodigy like this kid. Oh well.


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Mumu dey form strong man. Once my woman feels she has the temerity to put her hands on me, that's the day she'd be officially single even if we have 10 children together.

Domestic violence is a reason why i will advise SEPARATION in both relationship and marriage understanding fully that it is someone who is alive to that can be in a relationship or marriage

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The problem with most men is that they always feel women can’t do any harm to them bcos they feel they’re stronger…

Oga when you see 🚩 run for your life ooo… cos even the strongest man in the Bible Samson na women get am down…

Rest In Peace handsome man.

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