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Sigh, this is what happens when you’ve been single for so long konji go come dey affect pesin brain. Abeg when you pay for plane ticket or common taxi do you own the plane/taxi or do you even own the seat permanently? In case you can’t relate to this… if you carry runs, na you own the person or the kpekus abi na rent you rent am? In most Nigerian cultures bride price is symbolic in nature - it is a mere indication that a man sees value in the bride he is begging for AND that he is capable of taking care of her hence why most cultures here either return or do not allow large sums for bride price so that one idiot will not be under the false impression that he has “bought” property! Anyone looking for a slave should first be ready to pay all the food, clothes, education, rent, medical bill of the bride from birth to present… and even then that won’t be enough to own any human soul. To the men who think like this pls attempt to rise above illiteracy, acquire small common sense and and seek Godly wisdom! 🚶🏽‍♂️

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