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If you intend to relocate to pursue ur career or a new career or to start a new life and you are very serious about it, I pray God will open doors for you and give u the financial strength to do so. Be intentional about getting ur dual citizenship, do it for urself and your children/unborn children if u have the power.

Nigeria politicians just dey whine Nigerians ni, Nigeria will be great but not in 30 to 50 years from now, know this and know peace, so how old will u and I be by then? All enjoyable productive years would have been gone and that is even if Nigeria doesn't happen to you. This one life that I come, I have to live it in peace and sanity.

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But the problem is the people causing these chaos and setting us hundreds of years back also wants to get out of the country. How we go do am.

me sef I over tire 😢

thanks for this information.

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PollJapa: Will You Japa Right Away If You Can Leave The Country With The Right Opportunity And Funds?

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Big Bella With Anambra State Governor’s Daughter.

Big Bella with Anambra State Governor’s daughter. I’ve finally seen my real ship. Chidinma X Adaora =Chidiora 🤣🤣

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Att @PoliceNG @Princemoye1

Att @PoliceNG @Princemoye1

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With A Straight Face, Buhari Tells Anyone That Wants To Leave Nigeria To Leave

With a straight face, Buhari tells anyone that wants to leave Nigeria to leave What he said here didn't sit well on me. What happe...

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