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She's right and doubt about, to be sincere someone laid a curse on we Nigerians in diaspora. If you're young and getting it right is another problem...

Not only Nigerian but some family people I remembered when I came newly this 💔 never wanted to work and earn money what she always says was that come and work if I talk 5 you talk 10 the thing was like that for 3 to 4 years I see 👀 unbelievable attitude just because I was dependent but today all glory of God. Same person is suffering from their wickedness

They are everywhere abroad, if possible they will lock the country's door and throw away the keys so that others will never come in

You don't owe them they don't owe you. Na for street una meet. I beg hold unto God. He is the only one that promised us richness in a strange land. Know thus and know peace.

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