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If you don't like using condoms why not advice your babes to use contraceptives ?

Moreover, I hope you know that STDs no dey show for face?

But truth be told sha, Why giving birth to children when you know you gonna risk their lives like this?

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That is why God is greater than people like you. Is birth control restricted to the poor alone? Giving birth is not the problem. The ones risking the lives of these kids are the ones that you extol. They embezzle the livelihoods of these kids. Money meant for job creation, for proper transport etc. God gave the parents gifts. They have that precious gift that you cannot take away from them. Let them have kids. Do not legislate for people if to have or how many kids to have. These are beautiful children that I see here. The parents did no harm. These are citizens with the same right as you. Questioning their existence is an evil thing to do. Your heart is very evil. You do not see it but that is the truth. You are simply asking God why he allowed these kids to form and to exist. Turn that lens to yourself and pay attention to the deep meaning of your question.

Be watchful.

Normal interview should have at least two days notice. One common thing with fake job interview is their short notice.

This looks like GNLD honestly. If you're in Lagos, you can attend just to be sure, if not, don't waste your money if they are asking for one.

Africans are generally wicked

Last week 2 men got lynched in Delta state over a bike.

Two weeks back two soldiers were beheaded in Imo state

Go through Cultist Update post on twitter, every day young men butcher themselves for no reason. It's high time we stand completely against killing of all manners regardless of the reasons

killing is not allowed under Nigerian constituition , criminal code, penal code or Sharia law. Some years ago, When Makarfi was the governor of Kaduna state, there was a war btw Iraq and Iran or was it Kuwait (can't say). Next thing, these guys started giving a crisis undertone in Kaduna. Makarfi gave an instruction that an empty plane be made ready for a free trip to Iraq/Iran for whomever wants to fight. He said nobody should bring that nonsense to Kaduna. That was how everyone respected themselves and no one showed up on the plane. That man still remains my best governor of Kaduna so far.

By the way, he was a Muslim o but he had zero tolerance for BS.


The world has changed, and nobody should be doing a contract job in a bank of less than 100k per month with all your time taken to do nothing with your life

Why will a young man take a job less than 100k, work 7 to 7 with hard labour and no career growth nor transferable skills. Even full staff in banks don dey japa not to talk of contract staff, it is the most evil thing u can do to yourself

Only a masochist should work in the bank as a contract staff

The sign is clearly on the wall. Unfortunately he has chosen to move on with his life, hence him ignoring your messages. In all fairness he might be facing tough challenges in a foreign country, but the lifeblood of a long distance relationship is communication, and he has not availed himself to that.

The relationship is not just comatose, it is dead. Please move on and don't waste any more time on him. You deserve better treatment than this. It will not be easy because you are clearly so much into him, but your happiness and sanity also matter. I wish you well.

Wahala no dey finish na wa o

This beautiful place once again .

Nigeria is blessed.

Beautiful Nature.

Beautiful Scenery.

God bless all good, sane, honest and hardworking Nigerians that pray for the betterment of our Darling Nation or possibly Biafra too

Every addiction is developed as a way to cope with problems/ trauma but it is a maladaptive cooing mechanism. An addiction recovery counsellor can help him develop a better and adaptive coping mechanism.

Growing up with an absent father induces childhood trauma which is being exacerbated by the huge responsibility your boyfriend has to bear at an early age.

It would require the expertise of a psychotherapist to resolve the childhood trauma and to learn adaptive coping mechanisms.

Must Nigerian always kill every animal they see wandering close to them? It would have been better to return it to the wild.

God or the life agencies or the computer programmer behind this concept called nature and life created crocodile for a good reason in its natural habitat.

It is not really in our place to indiscriminately take life away.

Definitely this small reptile is looking for food and ain't going to harm you or your love ones. It was even killed in your office area....are you a lumber fella or forest guard?

Nigerian should stop killing every animals they see for fun just like some Nigerian can't do without killing fellow Nigerian in a day just for fun and political reasons.

The thirst for blood is damn too much for the people of Nigeria.

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