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One Day! Somebody's son go find me one day


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The problem with most men is that they always feel women can’t do any harm to them bcos they feel they’re stronger…

Oga when you see 🚩 run for your life ooo… cos even the strongest man in the Bible Samson na women get am down…

Rest In Peace handsome man.

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Nigerian girl Tokunbo listens. This guy started emotionally assaulting his wife just a few days abi na hours after the birth of their second child. This man is not a decent human being. He showed the world how fickle and mean he can be. Be very careful. If he could do that to Korra at her most vulnerable even with 2 children between them, know that you are not safe either. Such men never change and no woman can change them, if in doubt, ask FFK's many wives. A word is enough...

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Tinubu is a liar, a thief, and a man who rented fake prophets, bishops, high priests, and native Doctors to support his championing Muslim plan; we know their gimmicks. It's all dead on arrival now...

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Virginity should be between a woman and her Chi. not for men.

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When your village people said you won’t marry but God pass them 😂😂this an example na why him the pose like that to shame his enemies 😂😂

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LOL It’s Amala and egusi on top of catfish

I don’t know what kind of catfish they have, but that thing looks like a squid

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Everybody gets one sickness or the other for the body; it's horrible to mock the sick because he aspires to be the president. We can resist him by not voting for him than all these insults. Not nice at all.

Prof, with all due respect... We love the song too much. If emilokan no well why him dey contest for no 1 for country wen no well... A sick man can not take care of a sick man!

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This is absolute nonsense...not performing does not warrant an arrest. He won't run away with ticket money for commonsense sake. Did they find out why he didn't commit? This creepy thing is coming from east African countries tho. Last time it was Omah lay and Terms 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Werey no fit take him own advice 😂😂😂😂

I wouldn’t say I like his misogynistic, selfish, and disrespectful views on this situation.

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Just legalize this thing, make sure producers register their companies, and they will pay taxes as well, pretty simple, the country needs more income I think

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