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Peter ObiLast activity one month ago

I thought it was only me, they said they can't find my name ooo, claiming that it because i have registered before. Me wey never go inec office before ooo

Travel AbroadLast activity one month ago

The money you make abroad buys you goods and services at the abroad rate, not the Nigeria rate. Stupidly converting is the flawed mentality and failed education that leads many to make wrong decisions about japa. Even with that conversion, many things are still cheaper in Nigeria. Something that costs 3000 nairas can cost 9000 nairas abroad converted.

If you want to japa, start by calculating DISPOSABLE INCOME, not gross income. Some think $16/hour work 40 hours a week, they become millionaires and build village mansions. Or £60000 per annum job, they can send their entire village to Disney world in 3 years.

Why do you think people abroad are 'stingy'? Compulsory PAYE tax swipe, council tax, road tax (if you drive), hidden shopping taxes, rent, electricity, gas, fuel (all cost more even converted abroad. You don't pay court cases and fines galore. Before you know it, £500 debt becomes £3000. UK university fees na your mate. How much is it in Nigeria converted? And na same cheap basic, supposedly flawed Nigerian education you use to get a job abroad. Many sent children to good private schools in Naija before, japa to put their children in the nearest free community schools abroad in the poorest areas with socially maladjusted kids that would soon be culturally disconnected from same parents.

Fuel: 300 nairas per liter in Nigeria, small to more than 1000 naira per liter conversation abroad. Some will say at least you are earning money. When you go there, you realize few have disposable income= same generational poverty you were running from at home.

Credit cards and inheritance are how many oyibo afford many things. Selling grandparents or taking loans against parents' properties to buy first homes, cars, go to university, holidays, etc. Meanwhile, many of us are selling our inheritance in Nigeria to boost UK universities while offering our services for free slavery.

For the few who break even, one day, you realize how living as a second-class citizen has unconsciously diminished your self-worth to the point that if you could turn back time, you'd make different choices. It can be challenging to go back home except for the occasional holiday show-off.

Where you want starts when mates in Nigeria at least have more rounded lives. Even if they are not super wealthy, they have family around, social status, healthy social life, good weather, and fresh food unless they like faking it with processed junk at ShoppinRite. Please ignore me for the doubters and those trained to believe living close to whiteness is heaven. My mouth is smelling. Please do all you can to japa as soon as possible.

Peter ObiLast activity 2 months ago

Wike dey revenge for wetin Atiku do Jonathan. Atiku worked against Jonathan for Buhari, claiming it was the turn for a northerner to become president. So, Wike is doing this to show Atiku that it is the Southerner's turn to be president.🧐

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2 months ago

FYI it wasn't southerners turn, it's Easterners turn, but he fought against PDP not given it to Peter Obi, he thought PDP will give it to him....😂😂😂😂. Everything he is doing now, he is doing it out of pain. It serves him right, because this man really kicked against Peter Obi getting PDP ticket. I love what PDP is doing to him.....

Southern part of Nigeria is divided into Southeast, west, and south, the north is northeast, west, and central.🧐😇

VideoLast activity 3 months ago

My prayer for you is that God turns around your son situation to be like they that dream. You will not even need a carer anymore. God will settle you this is extremely abuse of the vulnerable. Why do unto others what you cannot do to yourself

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He is autistic 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

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