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Offcourse without even going to Court, the Abuja based professor is Guilty, Cos Most top Gov officials abuse these security personnel, bcos of Money, Most times poor management of the Nigerian police force

You get office for police headquarters..you’re police advocate..inspector go get mind come assault people for your house..no be say the inspector no know you…big lie.

I don’t care if she’s among or not, the constitution that says, any citizen that assault a uniform personnel or military personnel must not go unpunished must definitely be use on this particular case …

Where did the ENDSARS came from at 2022? am a Lawyer by profession, this lawyers are just joking, let the case begin and let’s see the evidence of the female police 👮‍♀️ orderly assaulting the innocent citizens during that ENDSARS period, the onus of proof lies on these lawyers, your madam is sending a uniform woman house chores? for what????? Is that her office schedule of duties????? You all better present a better argument or else, I just see Professor facing huge jail terms on the consequences of her actions. This is how they all misuse their offices and power in Nigeria.

The administration of Justice in Nigeria will continue to be a joke until lying under oath becomes a crime punishable by imprisonment. Fear Nigeria and Nigerians hmmmmm see scop abeg leave endears ooo wetin you do madame during endears did we hear your voice ?? Where you with the citizens who cried out for justice ? Abeg leave end sars abeg e no go work

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