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They don collect trousers from your elder brother and give him a wrapper.  

This is a problem for the majority of men of this era. Forming woke " westernization ". Wetin even concerns me.

Your brother's wife disrespected her husband by sending him on such an errand in your presence. She belittled her husband.

Couples should learn to treat each other respectfully, especially in front of others. Show others how to respect your spouse.

As much as it hurts you to see that, try to stay out of it. It is their business. Also, that should not stop you from respecting your elder brother.

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Because of man, now where are you?. People should just talk life easy, this life na per head, driving with such anger isn’t good at all, this same thing happened in festac some years back, the man has even long remarried. Women should learn to put themselves first in cases like this.

Chai, if you know you can’t respect marriage, why can’t you stay single. May her soul Rest In Peace

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