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Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.


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Happy birthday to Veteran Nollywood Comic Actor, John Okafor, Popularly Known As Mr. Ibu, Turns 61 Today.

What Interesting Story Or News Did You Read Today?

Happy Birthday to him 😍❤️

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Natural comedian. Happy Birthday!

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Why this tree no dey grow for east ?

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one month ago

Not sure

I like that fruit a lot. I haven't seen the tree here

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Fela KutiLast activity one month ago

How can we wish for a better Nation when we hate and fight each other so much! There’s no hope until we heal and Unite the tribes.. I’m Igbo but I see the Yoruba and the Hausa man as my own.. I see the next black man as my own.. The Western world don’t see them tribes or countries when they see us.. they see another African.. they see another black youthman that has been exploited.. I pray we all heal and Unite as one..💔🙏🙏

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But why you come cover the essential parts of the pic? Shebi she went to a public place unclad is, only for some to see how beautiful her market is.

Some of my brothers here would like to change how you cover the Koko.

Abeg the news no sweet again.

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This movie was shut too early for this generation. I will always remember aluu 4. I still cry when I watch the video. The name Lloyd means impressive. Little wonder he was a wonderful child, even from birth. At age five, he could draw creatively anything he set his eyes on, including the Nigerian coat of arms. He was born on the 21″ of November 1993 to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Toku Mike of Okikike War Canoe House, Ogbogbo town in Okirika Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Master Tekena was fondly known as TK. He was born on November 20th, 1992, to Mr. and Mrs. Friday Elkanah in Elkanah’s Family of Olobofika War Canoe House of Kingoli/Fuamakiri/Orumokpo Group of Houses. He had his early education in Port Harcourt at the Nigerian Navy Nursery/Primary School, Borikiri, in 1997. He enrolled with the New Covenant Group of Schools at New Road, Port Harcourt, for his Secondary education in 2004, where he met his childhood friend Master Lloyd Toku Mike.

In 2010 he got into the University of Port Harcourt, Choba, where he started a Pre-degree program (Basic) to study Mechanical Engineering, but he was not favored. In 2011, he repeated the program without success.

Ugonna was born on Monday, May 30th, 1994, into the families of Mr. Messaiah Amobi Obuzor and the late Mrs. Uwen Jane Obuzor (Nee Bassey). He had his primary school education at the staff nursery and primary school (SNAPS) of the Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku. He started his secondary education at the Demonstration Secondary School Omoku, where he did JSS 1-3.

When Ugonna’s mother passed on on October 26th, 2005, he was compelled to change to Niger Delta science school (NDSS) of Rivers state Arts and Science, Rumuola. Port Harcourt, where he completed his secondary education, SSS 1-3. He wrote the May/June WASSCE and NECO in 2009 and obtained excellent results in all his subjects. He sat for both examinations at the age of 15. He was admitted to study geology at the University of Port Harcourt in 2010/2011.

Master Chiadika Lordson Biringa was also known as Aladdin. Born on September 23rd, 1992, Chiadika was the first of four male children of Comrade & Mrs. Biringa O.S. He started his nursery and primary education at Staff Nursery and Primary School (SNAPS) FGC Rumuokoro and his Secondary education at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Borokiri. Based on his love for music, dance, and other social-related activities, Chiadika chose a career in Theatre Arts and gained admission into the University of Port Harcourt in 2010 to study his desired discipline (Theatre Arts).

Those are the four boys we refer to as ‘The ALUU4′. They were people with friends and families – just like you and me. We should never forget that. May they rest in perfect peace. I still got Lloyd and Ugonna on my Twitter and Facebook. The last tweet was October 3rd, 2012, from Ugonna, and he says @znazziette ff back and nothing.

May we never forget

NairaLast activity one month ago

It puzzles me how anyone in their right senses would think this nonsensical policy is meant to do Nigerians any good. I'm sure all those applauding Buhari and Emefiele then can now see the consequences of the poorly planned policy. Anyways, I am not surprised. Buhari has been an insensitive leader who cares less about the masses.

This same government put Nigerians through hell by closing borders without good plans and conditions for our import-dependent food items. It rushed people through NIN registration without requirements for enough human resources and the required technology. I mean, it's so bad that people are hustling for two of the most basic everyday needs: fuel and cash.

Of course, government after government will keep doing this as long as they know they can sell cheap lies to the masses, who will hail them because the policy is "targeted at the elites." Forgetting that when two elephants fight, the grass bears the brunt. One day, we will realize that the enemy of my enemy isn't necessarily my friend. After all.

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

People are voting for "leaders" with no suitable knowledge checks or just flagrantly ignoring it with pride, i.e., "I would vote even if he only has a NEPA certificate."

Nigeria's problem also arises from the failure to learn from the past and history. A simple instance is the trailer casualty; it has occurred over two times before the most contemporary one on that same bridge. They would instead vote for a man with no competence history and pray to god when things go left. We should study what they have been doing wrong and vote right.

The country is a hot mess, and it has both followership & leadership problems. Tribalism and Nepotism are at an all-time high. The 2023 elections will be more popular than Abiola's June 12's election. Future generations will study, talk and write about the #NigeriaDecides2023 elections.

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

You can always get it right with a visit to Calabar. The gateway to the reserves of the Cross River State, which Calabar is the capital, and the further-flung rainforests of the Afi Mountains.

The Afi Mountains are also home to gorillas, chimps, rare rockfowl, craggy peaks of stone, and many more animals that are native and original residents of the area. The town of Calabar is a well-honed sightseer stop-off on the way through to Cameroon or the southern Nigerian shore.

Before completing a beeline for the great primate shelters outside the town, visit the neighborhoods around the Calabar Museum. The great city of Calabar was once one of the central slave trading ports in West Africa.

Also worth a glimpse is the Duke Town chapel, considered one of Nigeria's oldest Christian worshipping houses.

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

I recommend going to South Africa or Ghana before Nigeria if you plan to go solo. SA/Ghana is much easier to navigate without knowing anyone there. Nigeria is hardcore, and I will not recommend Nigeria for a first-time visit to Africa. It would help if you started with other African countries before visiting the black power nation of the world, Nigeria.

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💯 Fact and truth. Nigeria for the first timer can be super overwhelming.

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@simon_ekpa Special dedication to MAZI CHIZITERE NNAMDI OKWU KANU and mazi @simon_ekpa over Thier "WE TOLD YOU EFULEFUS THAT ZOOGERI...

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Asiwaju @officialABAT

Asiwaju @officialABAT President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria/1

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Labour Party And APC Supporters Exchange Greetings After Meeting At Bariga, Lagos.

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