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You have to tell your brother because if he later find out that u knew about it all along and u didn't inform him, he might get mad at u.

Yes of course, what a lot of people are practicing is religion not service to God

Mr Man.. I think the best thing you can do in this kind of situation is to quit the so called relationship, u can't tell me u guys still wants to get married to each other with all that is happening, u should be happy that u haven't married her yet so quit the relationship and make sure u take proper care of ur children.. you don't have to marry someone just because they had children for u and beating her back the next time isn't an option.

Marry her if u love her.. otherwise take care of her and her baby and make sure u do everything in ur ability to father the child.. all the best bro 🙌

Please answer guys

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Hmm nice topic for discussion. For me it's not necessary except they had helped you previously

No two ways to it.. it's just u loving in the relationship and never forgets that it takes two to tangle so if he/she doesn't love u anymore.. zazuu.. move on with your life

Thank you admin for the 10k giveaway.. I'm so grateful 🙏

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Mothers! Very apt🤣😂😂


.. see, broken relationship/courtship is better than a broken marriage.. u want to get married to someone that beats u? My sister, do not.. I say DO NOT! Do not make such a terrible mistake u will regret for life.. break that relationship now and be ready to face whatsoever consequences that comes afterwards

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