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But why are we buying money in the first place? How is it that the POS operators have access to the new notes but we don’t?? Are they the ones printing the new notes? How does it even sound to you that we are been compelled to buy our own money?

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The harsh comments I'm reading here about single moms is a big reason some women are dying in abusive marriages....You will make them feel worthless that they can't find love and happiness or else they remain in their abusive homes....I can see that most ladies attacking single moms here are the unmarried ones....I just pray you don't find yourselves in that situation in life that would make you regret ever bad mouthing a single mom.....peace.....

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It's just a movie. Nancy and the others played their respective roles and did a great job.

It would help if you guys were more concerned about what's happening in reality than losing sleep over cinematics. More than all of you saw in that movie happens daily in Nigeria. Focus on that!

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From experience, it's better to be with a man that treats you well. I don't care what the widespread opinion is. If the guy loves you and you don't have a heart of rock, one day, you will evolve to love him. The world is cruel and vicious! In a request trying to look for your "type," you might meet the demon(you never know)! Average human being tends to gravitate toward people that love and want them. So, think it through like a grown woman! This life is more profound than you are seeing it right now. Just saying.

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All these Abuja fine boys and beard gang, ladies stay away from them, they are broke ass and their target is working-class ladies with high-paying jobs. Once they lure you into a relationship, they’ll start giving you false hope on how they’ll get married to you once their contract is approved, then you’ll start seeing them as husband already and start giving them money and sharing assets with them.

Before you know they’ll ask you for a huge amount of money to run a project that they’ll pay you back later, once you give them the money, they’ll go and do your introduction or engage you and will start milking you uncontrollably cos in your mind they’re husband already.

At the same time, doing all that they’re having side chicks here and there. Before you’ll wake to reality it has already consumed all your time, money, and effort, making it difficult for you to leave him again. Then you’ll start fighting and nagging him which will then result to violence or you’ll start fighting other side chicks to leave your man. It’ll linger to going diabolic, having a child with him and ending up a single mother.

Abuja big girls be wise. We all know the pressure is getting worse.

MenLast activity one month ago

He’s right. Cox’ when you check and analyse the physiology behind Cum” you’ll see he is very correct- the heart beat more faster to pump blood and increase blood supply. It even begins from when you start being hard (erection) and so on. So if you aren’t healthy or keep your BP on check esp. from 40s.

This idea of he is a 1min man and some guys are doing way more too much taking substance to satisfy women, men una dey do yourself oh. 1min is far more than enough. Protect your health. So many ways he can help us get satisfied without banging’ too long 😂🙏 let my gender not come for me o. God abeg o😢🙈

Dating & RelationshpLast activity one month ago

If you like, listen to negative people and their negative opinions. Who told you good things do not exist? So you have yet to see ladies who help their men foot the wedding bills? She loves you and probably cannot hide her feelings anymore, or do you think there are no other men she can approach? She chose you. However, if you don't feel the same way, send her a message that you already have a woman in your life, but if I were you, I would think about it very well and weigh the options before making a decision.

MarriageLast activity one month ago

Any man that’s a deep thinker will never consider marrying a second wife. It splits the family and takes peace away from that family forever. Men please stick to one wife

MarriageLast activity one month ago

It is grossly unsettling that any sane individual will contest with the things in this post. A man says you shouldn't expect your wife to do everything you say, in other terms, "agree with all your points"and some men are convulsing in anger. Who raised these people? Even your children will have different opinions from you and will sometimes even be right.

And some buffalos are insisting that that's what leadership is about? Have y'all heard how the CEOs of fortune 500 companies lead? Have you read anything about Jeff, Elon, Mark and Sergey Brin's leadership techniques that help them to bring out the best from their teams and maximise their formation, altho the buck ends often on their table? How are sane humans trying hard to believe it is okay to control another adult? Someone who hasn't even led himself, but believes another person simply by virtue of marriage is compelled to heed to everything He says.

Even God our creator, as Almighty as He is, allowed us the will to choose, and simply prods us by His consistent leadership and love to seek to follow Him, while a human being somewhere thinks God will give husbands a power of control that God himself doesn't exercise over humans? If this post triggers you, it's because you're dysfunctional. The man didn't even encourage disrespect in anyway.

He highlighted a situation where each human can function optimally on a union that ought to be driven by affection and responsibility, something any healthy adult should find appealing. So if you're somewhere bleating and feeling like using the restroom because of this, you should get the services of a shrink because you're not right somewhere. Healthy females don't even want to lead their men.

Healthy females love the covering of genuine male leadership but one where she knows she is heard, respected and valued. And healthy females naturally respond to love by submitting. God demanded submission from us to His Will because He first loved us and generously, repeatedly showed that love by the sacrifices He did to redeem us to himself. So his demand for submission was predicated on how he had loved us by His acts.

Even upon Adam's sin, God gave man opportunity to defend himself. Repeatedly on scripture, we see God constantly reasoning with men and treating Man which he created with dignity despite the fact that man is mere dust. To show Abraham that he had come into friendship with God, He allowed him to intercede for Sodom and Gomorrah. He allowed Moses to change His mind about the children of Israel repeatedly.

 But somewhere, for marriage that benefits you both equally, you want to be Lord by rule. Ephesians said "love her as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her." Christ loved and is still loving us patiently even when we err. And then asked women to "Submit as if to God". The standards on the both ends are very high. Humans in their very nature cannot fulfil this standards on their own. They need help. But it is unfair to not be ready to do yours and expect the other party to do theirs 💯. Loving by Gods standards goes beyond putting food on the table. Many women these days are equal or even sole breadwinners anyway. A man is the progenitor and indeed head of a home, so he should also lead by showing in the level of love, patience and forgiveness he exhibits. If you're not ready to love at that level don't seek who will submit to you at that level. You don't deserve respect anymore than she deserves love. You both are either going the full yard or giving discretionally at the level you consider convenient per time.

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