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You must be single/unmarried!

The average married woman put her phone in her bag. The phone might ring like 5 times before she picks it.

Secondly, you are not one of her inner circles of gist mongers therefore you will not receive priority in call-back.

You could have asked her gently when you called her. It could be something worth hearing and if one had too many missed calls, sometimes you miss out on one or two. She could have apologized if you called her attention to it...

Guys of these days sha...

Sorry bro!

It's sad.

However, medically there are sex determination measures that can be practiced to improve the likelihood of having a boy.

Surely, your friend should have searched the net on such practices.

Or he could go for IVF........Sex determination is also handled in an advanced way.

Owing to the fact that your friend is blaming the wife, the level of enlightenment of your friend is called into question: it is what you put in, you get out.

It is like the law of the farm.

If he plants a boy, he gets a boy and vice versa.

No more, no less

They are all Muslims with fanatics belief. We the Christians will come for them. Nobody has monopoly to violence.

They are all fools claiming to fight for their own allah or mohamed who's so daft or useless to know how to fight for himself. Unfortunately, the Nigerian president will not address this issue

North is filled with untrained, hungry, drug addicts and brain washed children

Imagine such a thing happened in South East 

I still believe that we don't belong together in this country!

The earlier we sort this out, the better.

Spiritual husband and wives are as real as Sun n moon. Nobody told me this shit, I had a terrifying experience. God only saved me!! Marine spirits too are everywhere you go like MTN. 

One day una go hear my story. 

Fear God !! Fear most bootylicious fine babes. Na snakes dem be. Infact, avoid fornication if you can. 

I saw spirit husbands. Some of them are giants.

I guess job seekers need to work more on effective acquisition of soft skills, also set your CV in a way that it will attract employers during review. Some people, their CV is tasteless and when you read through, you get tired.

Guys, try to buy laptop even if it is fairly used, wake up midnight and subscribe YouTube night browse N100 1GB and learn on YouTube. Learn different softwares especially MS Excel and engage yourself in constant practice.

During job interview, never rate yourself low, pray and be optimistic.

Go to Nigeria Churches in your state of residence, please avoid RCCG. It is like a secret cult there.

Be a member and join the choir or any unit..

Speak to the pastor in charge...probably the pastor wife...and let her know what you looking for... We have hundreds of Nigerian or African men in those church also looking for a good wife to settle with...

The church will not choose for you, but they can guild you on who to marry with advice and and prayer...


Wow! That's not a crocodile that's a Lacosté 

The skin go fit produce at least 1 sharp leather belt

can't imagine myself touching this animal, let alone eating it. It's damn.. irritating.... 

The skin can be use for confirmed pair of sandal tho.

Very interesting movie.

Jim Iyke's latest movie is another Banger.

Thumbs up Guys.

I think I want to concur. There are some stupid men who can't get their eyes for big bum bum. They foolishly look at every woman with big booty that passes them. Some men don't have integrity in lookery.

Apologies but this attitude is mostly common with average men who didn't enjoy life when they were growing up. When you know you can afford ten beautiful angel of all sizes and shapes a time if you wish, you won't be carried away even if dozens of women stand in front of you naked. Men don't have self control anymore, they can sleep with anything just to satisfy their sexual urge.

You need 90days Semen Retention to reset the body from abuse of porn and masturbation.

Fast Regularly and avoid alcohols, sodas, sugary things.

Stick to Fruits, Veggies and Water always.

Exercise Regularly. Whole body workout. I prefer skipping. All you need is rope and get your blood flowing.

Supplements like Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C should be included in your Diet.

Come back after 90days. You will become a super being.

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