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What is bad in having a second wife if you can't stay then move out? Who knows what YUL has been going through all this while? Some people that have not tasted marriage or those that just entered go dey misyan. A lot is going on in those beautiful flats you see as you drive along the road—this life no balance, my people. Let people be. Is it not better you marry a second than have side chicks?

May can't file for divorce. That is accepting defeat. If I'm a married woman, the last thing I may do is to file a divorce, let Yul file it, and then may sign for him. We know Judy's game May is going nowhere. Is her marriage, and yul did not divorce her, so what? May ur write-up is excellent and very intelligent. Let the game roll.

Any woman who divorces her home for someone like Judy is weak, and if you are weak in crises, u are weak indeed. May stand and fight it out if you tire, hand the batten to your daughter. Judy should remain outside and be a mother hen Marriage without evidence is a scam Judy will realize that We Nteje people don't recognize her when the time comes to let her be running her mouth like parrot queen Sheba my foot.

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That name is typical among Bayelsans. I never stop wondering why anyone will name his son after a beast. Is this his apparent behavior not unusual from that of worthy human beings? Smh.

See how he dey cry like small pikin. Release him, and he will continue kidnapping.

He should be taught a sweet lesson. Social Media show-offs should stop making the youths see themselves as failures... Not all glitters are gold.

Keep on with your legit, and gradually, you get there.

PeopleLast activity 8 days ago

Actually,it's late already,changing the mentality of the members won't be easy at this point...hope they now watch TV and use perfumes? After deceiving people for many years...there is no heaven and there is no hell period. If una like make una still continue with am

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Photos here lol.

Ghanaian Internet Sensation, Shatta Bandle Marries His Baby Mama Days After They Welcomed Their Second Child

Ghanaian Internet Sensation, Shatta Bandle Marries His Baby Mama Days After They Welcomed Their Second Child

Congratulations to them both....🤫🤫🤫

Peter ObiLast activity 9 days ago

What a time to be alive! If you don't fear this man that singlehandedly turned the ruling party into the opposition party, I wonder who you want fear! If grace be for you, what can be against thee?

Yenogoa Is Fully Obidient Rally For Peter Obi In Bayelsa - Photos

Peter ObiLast activity 9 days ago

What happened before the teargas and gunshots? We didn't see any disorder or violence. Whether APC and PDP like it, nobody can stop this revolution. Una never even see anything sef. We even respect you guys because of our incoming president HE Peter Obi. You people should please respect yourselves too. We are not stupid.

HumansLast activity 18 days ago

This is morally & ethically wrong but I see it becoming a popular trend in the near future. Especially for rich & egocentric feminists who don't want to be under any man.

For a payout of 1M, many financially desperate men will grab the offer.

VideoLast activity one month ago

😢😢Thank God for the faith you have in Him to keep praising Him despite what you passed through. If this boy after this type of deep pain can still praise God, I have no excuse. I remember this sad story 😢😢😢

For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.Psalm 30:5

It is well...🙇🏾‍♀️

Peter ObiLast activity one month ago

The level is too high for them to climb . Love to see it. Its an evolution that take us this far in our political history. People are getting wiser and becoming politically conscious, the people seems to be more interested now more that ever before. 2023 election will decide the fate of Nigeria as a a nation going 4ward. God bless

CrimeLast activity one month ago

Where are his worshippers on soro chia media? After his decades in the dungeon, he will be repatriated straight from jail to Nigeria or his Country of conception. He's lost the right of every Penny/property he appeared to have, real or imagined, just like his partner obi nweke a.k.a Invictus obi. He will be blocked like other convicts around Interpol- connected countries like Europe, Dubai, and America. As a breathing being, He will never be allowed to revisit them like Ibori. Interpol gives a better punch than Nigerian Police

Hushpuppi To Be Sentenced September 21, 2022

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