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Ignorance of the highest order, a beautiful policy that will at least add to our recovery out of this corrupt politicians mentality now mumu people are destroying banks let me see how you withdraw tomorrow

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One of celebrity that has decided to be the voice for the poor masses 👏

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Agba LGBTQ oswin .... Dey play 🏳️‍🌈 😂😂

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Religion is a personal experience. If you find equilibrium in any religion, it is good you embrace such religion. It is less stressful when we have some illusion to hold onto.

Personally, religion is a philosophical suicide. Nevertheless, we shouldn't discourage or allow others to push us into their faith. We should create our belief when we feel it's okay.

After all, most of our difficulties are practical and not spiritual.

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Single motherhood. UK lol. Better have enough savings or the kind suffering wey go knack you fear devil o. You can do whatever you want but plan it very well and have enough money.

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Well he should be innocent until proven guilty! Nevertheless, it's shameful even to be embroiled in such activities! Someone like Dbanj should be far, far away from such criminal activities. After all, how much is N100M? In today's money, it's roughly $150K. This should be chicken change to someone like Dbanj. Then again, you never know because all that glitters is NOT gold. I dey wait.

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It's a fact. Even over 80% of Gisters are Obidient. And over 70% of Nigerians are Obidient from statistics so far gotten from both online and offline votes.

Only magu magu will wreck the possibility of Obi winning the election.

But God will frustrate their plans in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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@simon_ekpa Special Dedication To MAZI CHIZITERE NNAMDI OKWU KANU And Mazi @simon_ekpa Over Thier "WE TOLD YOU EFULEFUS THAT ZOOGERIA IS NOT FOR YOU,...

@simon_ekpa Special dedication to MAZI CHIZITERE NNAMDI OKWU KANU and mazi @simon_ekpa over Thier "WE TOLD YOU EFULEFUS THAT ZOOGERI...

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Gov Babajide Sanwo-Olu Was Seen In A Happy Mood As He Monitored The Results From The Election (video)

Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has shared a video of himself in a happy mood as he monitored the results from yesterday's...

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Asiwaju @officialABAT

Asiwaju @officialABAT President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria/1

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Labour Party And APC Supporters Exchange Greetings After Meeting At Bariga, Lagos.

This is coming ahead of the governorship and house of assembly elections holding tomorrow, March 18.

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