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Na man you be. GOD bless you for speaking up. Their plan is to turn the country to an Islamic nation and me all Christians and non fulanis their slaves. But GOD pass them. Nigerians should wake up, the time is now. It shouldn't be business as usual. They succeeded in imposing a fake buhari on Nigerians after the real buhari died in 2017.

I am yet to see any Government official from Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria to debunk this as a rumour if it is not true. Queen died it is Osibanjo that was invited for the burial because UK knows that buhari is dead and they don't want an imposter to come for their Queen's burial because it will be an insult to the late Queen. So Osibanjo has to go and represent Nigeria when other world leaders na their president go in person. And Nigeria has to send the vice president because that man in Aso rock is not buhari. Make everyone wise up the time is now or never.

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