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E don start oo…What the government wanted …. Remember End SARS also started from Delta (Ughelli) …. Now watch it spread across the entire southern Nigeria. They plan to disorganize the south …. All this is done to ensure ATIKU WINS. Power must shift from the North

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Nigeria is a whole continent not just a part of Africa , before they call Nigeria giant of Africa there’s a reason behind that , we see beyond what others can’t see 😂

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What kind of administrative bail. These guys needs to be locked up. They are sabotaging the efforts of PMB.

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She gets angry when you’re on the phone. Something must have transpired to warrant her getting angry and insecured about your phone calls, could it be that she has caught you so many times on your phone with a lover, she’s feeding, clothing and housing you and you’re spending her money on other girls and expect her to not feel insecured. You sold off the car she bought for you, you are a serial thief and to top it off with murder? Chai I think this is a pattern for him only that this time he got caught.
Majority of our societal ills are committed by men, and it’s high time we channel the most discipline to the boys and our sons, cos we train and instill morals in our daughters and overlook our sons, forgetting that in the future, the sons we disregard might be paired up with our daughters and bring harm to them. Parents, please let’s do better with our kids upbringing regardless of their gender.

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We train who? And instill moral gini to which daughter? Just as the sons are getting bad the daughters are also getting bad, i wonder who will teach the future sons and daughters the morals and value for humanity.

fact o,our sons need proper upbringing,it’s time to work on them just as we do on our daughters,cuz the ill they commit these days I tend to wonder the kinda upbringing they had

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Omo but how you go Dey work for bank wey no get name and you get that kinda amount for the account and still get that same amount as cash for hand…. Make una think well ooo but all still same thief nah thief 💯

Kudo to NPF, great work, if bandit and kidnapper in the north can be arrest and parade like this, Nigeria we continue to be peaceful this tell you that no crime is untraceable. The women they get married to ,I wonder if they know about this or they just collect money from their man and squander . People get mind o . There is this thing with Chelsea jersey and criminals 😂

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