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Potential home wrecker. Who sent you? What is your business?

Find your wife and marry and live with her as you both please.

Leave your brother and his wife to carry on as best suits them.

"It pained you so much." Something that is none of your business and has nothing to do with you pained you so much. Amebo. To think that you are a man. Men usually mind their business and go about their hustle for their daily bread. Imagine if you were a woman. You would have set your father's family on fire before targeting your brother's family.

Go and hustle and ask God to bless your hustle. Leave your brother and his family alone. If and when your brother feels something is wrong with his wife's behavior, let him take care of it himself.

Don't go visiting that couple again and keep your big mouth shut, and don't go telling tales to other members of your family.

Amebo. What do they call a full-grown man who won't mind his business?

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Una parents have destroyed all the health care system in Nigeria while you all enjoy the money, flying abroad, and flexing life at our expense. At our the cost of our sweat. Some of us have parents who worked for Nigeria for 35 years, and their entitlement was varnished or cut shot.

Some officers who died in service have their families struggling to get their rightful entitlement or their ogas sleeping with their wives.

We paid our parents with our sweat and allowed them to access our commonwealth so that they fix our healthcare, our education, our roads so that we don't need to run to white men's country to do nonsense jobs to survive, but no, they vowed that they must mess up our lives.

Some Nigerians have lived over 50 years without knowing what it means to be properly governed. They were born into a flawed governance system and died inside it.

Some don't know the meaning of 24 hours power supply in their entire life. No wonder we run up and down to white men's country to snap pics because we are not used to such development.

If only this could make you all politicians understand that we must fix our country. No one is leaving earth alive. As elected leader, we use money meant for development to develop our people. Stop being wicked. Nigeria's politicians are why Nigerians are scattered all over the world suffering racism and nonsense.

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