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She is gorgeous, and I wish her condition could be reversed. I hope the drugs that caused this is no longer in circulation. By the way, that dude may be a coded pedophile. There is nothing sexually attractive about the girl because she looks like a kid. Only God knows what he truly wants.

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They leave because he cheated . And end up becoming sidechicks to married men that are far older than their ex husbands. 😂😂😂 Confused set of women

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Let the press stop this propaganda now. There is alcohol sold duty-free. You can buy 100 bottles as you come in. It will help if you respect a country's law no matter what you think. You chopped the bribe and gave them the slot for the cup to be played there, then you all suddenly realized they have stringent laws. Abeg make una commot for road🥹

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Parents don't care about their kids anymore in naija. Go to Buzzcast and see very small and young girls all naked before over 80 million people online masturbating and tweaking because of small money. What are the parents doing in Nigeria my God? The same with snapchat. What were 2 girls and a boy doing in d same room when schools are on strike and the parents kept quiet?

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