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Una never see anything self...if we fail to get it right this coming election Na when una go know why the Bible always say fear North😂😂😂

Nah today we know in Nigeria we have one country two systems since our independence day....sorry if you just dey know🤦‍♀️🤮

Let every state get their state police…’let every state be responsible for their security… the security of a Nigerian state should not rely on Abuja

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If there is one thing I picked from the whole explanation you made is that you are self-aware and conscious of your current state. That is a positive side of helping yourself out.

The truth remains that you are no longer a kid, and it's high time you decide to create a meaningful life for yourself. I will employ you to seek the help of a therapist if you can afford one or take a bold step to turn a new leaf. You can get this done by constantly believing in your potential and ability and never looking down on yourself. You are not too old, not young to learn a skill. Engage in activities that will promote your well-being and confidence, and never believe that you are not old enough to make decisions for yourself.

Finally, your parents are not the cause of your current state of mind. You are only trying to project your shortcomings and backdrops to them and don't want to blame yourself. The first bold step is being a man of yourself: man up, bro.

It is well.

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