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All of my enemies dem broke die oh. Ask me how I take do am.


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Second-degree murder or first-degree 😢! Walk away from your abusive relationship before it’s too late!!! People keep associating with m@d people in the name of relationships.

Is this love God abeg oooo 👏👏and he stayed even men got abused

May we not fall in love with someone that’d cut our life short 🥺😭😭💔💔💔

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Don't do it. You will regret it.

Your best bet is to impregnate and keep her at home; this way, she won't misbehave.

If she misbehaves, then you can easily leave and impregnate another.

Quick question, is she a virgin?

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Hmmm. If it is there, it is there; if it isn't, then it may never be there.

Your hubby probably has a low libido, and this is something you should have checked before tying the knot with him.

For a woman, it might be easier to spice up her sex drive, but for a man, it's harder if he has a low sex drive.

Some foods like bananas, watermelon, etc., could help drive your hubby's sex drive. You can get him Gingko Biloba supplements too. You could try giving him that.

Try to be sexy for him too. Keep fit and trim, and get nice underwear and perfumes. That can help too though it's not so much about you but him.

I Got Married In 2021, And My Hubby And I Have Had Sex Only Twice A Month. How Can I Make My Husband Show More Interest In Sex?

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What is the essence of beauty if not to attract the opposite sex? Lara married Oshiomhole and Stella married Obasanjo.

There are lots of beautiful women who married very ugly men. If you want to attract the opposite sex, think of what they want:

1. Fame

2. Fortune (money)

3. Intelligence and exposure

4. Generosity

These things can win you the heart of any woman even if you don't look good.

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Make una stop to dey post una relationships online, before the relationship go scatter again. Una no go hear 😂

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So this is how INEC will bow to pressure and rig the Presidential election and make Tinubu President?

I don't think there is any need wasting resources and time to conduct election when you know INEC has already given it to Tinubu.

What a country!!!

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Dear Op, forget all you read about trust and respect here. The "if your guy loves you bla bla bla." The reality is dating someone that everybody wants is not easy. Believe me when I say it takes more than love and respect from a guy; you as a woman have a lot to do.

Number 1 question

How confident are you in yourself, your partner, and your relationship?

What's the basis of your relationship?

How committed and connected are you to each other?

What makes you different from other women out there?

What's that unique value in you?

You are good to go if you can answer these questions and have both logical and practical answers.

The above may seem like walking on eggshells to some ladies, but it's OK. But if you want a cute guy of value with you, don't leave the work to him alone. You have to keep that fire burning. It must burn so much that he feels your heat while you are miles away.

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Poor choice of Medium’ .. it wouldn’t look so bad on a classy white dish. But Some people do way too much! This is overkill.

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Until we the people go out on the street and not only demand but ensure that a law is passed that all civil servants and public office holders like Keyamo can't patronize private educational and medical institutions and any of such facilities outside the country, our educational and medical institutions will never go back to their old glories.

Wait they will all use the stolen money to buy drugs all of them plus their grate ground children inshallah Amin 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Asuu is on strike since 6to 7month and all of a sudden them get money to buy bullet proof motor to people wey Dey worry us God I no say u Dey look 💔

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Nobody cares about the condition of your VjiNna. It is of ZERO relevance to the affairs of the world. Many women died in Ukraine and worldwide; no one asked them about their VjiNnas.

It is just another body part like your hands and nose, and the world will still rotate whether you have sex 50 times or not.

The STATUS of your cunt does not make you any more special than any other person.

No country in the world will ask for the status of your VjiNna when filling out your visa application.

Can you put the status of your VjiNna on your CV? No company is interested in that information because it is very irrelevant.

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