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All of my enemies dem broke die oh. Ask me how I take do am.


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So you have posted it now. We know your mentality. Let’s see if you will find that man. Money seems to be your only problem not even the guys character. Why don’t you make more money so you can take care of your man too? We men are always the ones taking care of the woman and when it becomes difficult for us it’s so easy for those women to switch up and go elsewhere. It’s not all about money oo. You think it’s not stress sending you money for YOUR NAILS and HAIR all the time? Or eating out expensive food when you could have made something home cooked for us to eat at home and bond better? 😂 na wa for the women that think this way. You will stay single till next year. Wait and see. Or the man you’re looking for that makes more money than you will already be married.

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You are a guy, I suppose.

It’s not the finance bro, it’s the insecurity displayed by these guys that’s always always the ish.
For every time you do them wrong, they say it’s cause you earn more than them, you can’t party without being suspected, no late nights even by mistake for you cause “you earn more than them “..

You have to watch your words towards them cause they are so touchy and edgy.. hnmmm! There is a lot more but…

well it is true. Guys here in Nigeria are insecure cause many of them cheat a lot but so do the women. In fact women are always the ones getting attention and compliments and for a guy that doesn’t make much it’s very easy to feel somehow knowing you’re dating a beautiful woman that’s definitely getting attention from other guys that are probably more financially stable than themselves.

And all these night parties whether the girl is doing anything there or not why must she be there if she has a man at home? Women that go to the club or night parties and say they just like to go and dance are lying. They go there for the attention. We all know what goes down in night parties, anything can happen. And I don’t know why it has to do with money, But still doesn’t mean you should classify people according to how much they make.


one month ago

Truth is this topic is inexhaustible.. Be careful not to fall prey to the effect of “a single story”.. I didn’t say night parties o! Your brain interpreted parties an night ones.😂

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You totally do not get her point.

why does finance have to be the issue? She can say she doesn’t want to date guys that always ask her for money. That’s a different case. But to now state that overall the guy must be financially well off and making more than her shows money is her only dealbreaker. She didn’t even mention anything about how the man’s character should be. Cmon. We weren’t born yesterday 😂

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So after she’s worked 8 hours a day I now expect her to hop in the kitchen because of what?.. lol we’re ordering food nne biko. Why stress when you don’t have to.

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God bless you bless your family, bless your generation infact carry the whole blessings

how much is your groom price send me your groom list… let me knock on your door 😵‍💫😵‍💫 abii how do dey say it I’ve seen the flower I want to pluck 😂

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Congratulations to sanwo olu. Congratulations to yorubas for voting sanwo olu. Finally, congratulations to igbos that are buying up all the lands in lagos. God bless you all

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We are just asking for one thing , give us sea port , railway as every other region have gotten that in Nigeria , and we will do the rest .... We will make Enugu airport and Anambra Cargo airport more busy ... I shouldn't go to Lagos before I can fly out of Nigeria .... I shouldn't go to Lagos to clear my goods which I will sell in Onitsha because of the monopoly on sea ports ......... There is no sin to be called an Igbo man ....... Keep pushing us ..... Keep discriminating against us ..... WHAT'S THE FEAR OF AN IGBO MAN GOVERNING NIGERIA ??? ..... Time Will tell ....I WILL ALWAYS BE A PROUD IGBO MAN

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2 days ago

yes they should give us and see if we will not excel a million times. We are strong ,we aren't lazy, we are hustlers , we always thrive to succeed no matter the environment we find ourselves. I am proud to be Igbo.

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Why would you bring a puppy 🐶 to the polling unit ? Endangering the life of this poor dog

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make the dog sef tear one thugs throat before dying, naija must better

They will just kill the poor dog for nothing.

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When we were still sane but now everything jagajaga, everything scatter scatter

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As a man, I have to say this is another way to proclaim idiocy without just plain claiming it

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I am from the South-south, but I hate bigotry, and if I catch you insulting an Igbo man, you are an enemy to me because the same way you will insult that Igbo man and call him "IPOB " or "chinedu" as tinubu boys do means you can treat every minority tribe worse.

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IBM We’re a country obsessed with abbreviations.

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INEC NEPA IPO OCAA NDP PDP APC bleep… We put more confidence in these letters than in the establishments they symbolize

International Business Machines😂😂😂

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Every structure of Godfatherism and criminality in Lagos state and Nigeria must be dismantled🔥🔥🔥🔥

Labour Party all the way!!!

Obi is Coming!!!

Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets

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