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Why is wickedness so deeply rooted into our society.

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The gas car manufacturers will focus on the African market, but this will only be for some generations. The rest of the world will want Africa to transition to electricity eventually. Africa must develop so that we are not left in the dust in the era of electricity and automation.

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Nigeria's judicial system has always been a problem of Nigeria, so his case could not be solved to date🙄

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This woman should calm down.KWAM is a lady’s man You can’t own him alone. He is a son, father, friend and husband to many. Many of whom didn’t attend the party because of her A Surprise party wasn’t necessary

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In my experience, it's slightly easier for Nigerian men than women in the diaspora. I think this largely stems from 4 things:

  1. Nigerian men tend to be a bit more open to dating outside their culture (not as available as their black counterparts, however)

  2. The Nigerian diaspora is among many Western countries' most educated immigrant groups. Unfortunately, this affects Nigerian women as many have advanced degrees. Women across all cultures usually "marry up," but where does a female Nigerian lawyer go if not another lawyer or doctor? It's a terrible situation, but most men have a complex about themselves not being the breadwinner, even as that idea is more outdated. Her pool is smaller than the man who can "marry down." By being more likely to be equal or hold more power in a relationship, Nigerian women become victims of being black in the western world, the woman in the working world, and educated in the world.

  3. Nigerian women, on average, stay calm. Some see this as being a prude and picky. I've generally seen this as focused and having standards. They typically pick this up from their families to be educated and a good wives/mother and not out in the streets. This, as a result, usually have them dating fewer men than the average woman. I will say in my experience, while I see many Nigerian women waiting longer for marriage in the diaspora, I rarely see one that doesn't end up being married compared to their black counterparts.

  4. I don't mean this sound like a brag, but Nigerian men are sought after once out in the western nations, especially if you are in STEM fields and doing well. This kind of forces their women counterparts to compete for their attention with other races and ethnicities in a way that isn't the same in Nigeria. Combine that with Nigerian men's tendency to be more open to dating outside of being Igbo or Yoruba, and it gets harder for those respective women.

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Great points all around, and the Only addition is that women usually marry across and up.

They prefer to marry up, but they will be okay with marrying across. Marrying down is a no-no.

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I've lived in Lagos since 2011 and built my house in Lagos. I have never experienced any form of hate or rejection from the Yorubas.

Anytime Yoruba boys see me on the street, they gather to greet me, and it's all love always. And this talk flying around that Lagos is a no man's land is wrong. Lagos is a Yoruba state in Yoruba land.

Imagine someone saying that Anambra is a no man's land. That's crap. Anambra is an Igbo Land. You can't come into someone's land and tell the person it's now a no man's land. Na you dey find trouble. Nobody can deny that the Igbos have contributed immensely to the development of Lagos.

Other tribes have contributed in their ways too. And the Yorubas have been largely accommodating as well. It shouldn't take away the fact that Lagos is a Yoruba land. We no dey drag ownership. Let's kill tribalism before it kills us.


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Late Oluremi Oyo was Nigeria's best spokesperson, with no abuse or disrespect from her. Even while you are abusing her Principal, she remains calm.

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He's suffering from verbal diarrhoea....😢folks that just talk talk to eat

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if i get him correctly, he's 'made up his mind to go to hell'. Wow. Some people take things very lightly... i don't even know where to start sha.. God help u sir

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That attire deserves 2 Grammy awards...

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