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This guy too like Naija women. He never learns a lesson lol. Happy for them. The girl is cute and they look good together. I hope the girl genuinely likes him though and not just trying to use him to get popular. I also hope they are not committing formication 😐

Dancer Korra Obidi's Former Husband Goes On A Date Night With A Nigerian Lady

PeopleLast activity 15 hours ago

This is what a 35-year-old (soon to be 36y/o) man is thinking about

Why Did GOD Create Some People Ugly And Others Better Looking.. And Yet They Say He Is Not A Partial God?

LoveLast activity 2 days ago

This guys na pastor for my church that year what a l..ost 😂😂 No wonder they say 2023 men will be scarce😂😂😂

PoliticsLast activity 2 days ago

Governors of Cross River and the Abia States prove that you can have the highest level of education in the world but still make a lousy leader.

A good leader must have empathy - that's where good leadership starts.

Wow! So we still have great men of God like this on earth. I am just speechless. On the other hand, I wish he had collected the lump sum and redistributed same to the less privileged in the state. This same Ayade and his urchins would siphon this money as being rejected. It is a loss to the church and the less privileged general populace.

NigeriaLast activity 2 days ago

I thank Atiku for not choosing this clown as our VP. He should be a stand-up comedian 😀 Agbero of the highest order. Very local to the core 😂. Kolo kolo governor😂😂😂😂

JobsLast activity 2 days ago

You should tell him you do not have the code of conduct he is quoting in the query. As for the question, it is genuine. However, you can't be held by a code of conduct you had no access to.

That said, please check your emails and orientation documents to be sure you were not informed about the code of conduct.

YorubaLast activity 2 days ago

Voices I dey hear dia don embezzled billions of dollars. Civilization shouldn't kill our culture... God Bless Africa

MusicLast activity 2 days ago

Portable's disqualification can be seen in two ways.

1. He's the scapegoat that headies wants to use to cleanse all the artist nonchalant behavior—people like Olamide, who curses on their stage, and Naira Marley, who was arrested for fraud by EFCC. Maybe Headies feels all this need to stop.

2. The show is happening abroad; Headies may be afraid of Portable's behavior and may want to distance themselves from this. No brand wants to associate with somebody you are unsure of what they can do or say at any point in time.

I can't risk it too

USA is too far to tolerate rubbish

NigeriaLast activity 2 days ago

Nobody would mock or disrespect him if he respected himself and enjoyed his old age, but no, his greed brought him this public ridicule and humiliation 😒😒😒

Wole Soyinka Dissociates Himself From The Video Of The Pyrates Confraternity Mocking Presidential Aspirant Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Health.

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Their men wey de harass hard-working men and women for the street you never attend to that one na people wey de smoke Igbo for tv you want to handle shior .. you better find better do.

Weed and the internet is the best thing that happened to Nigerians after God; the government needs to legalize WEED and fight the drugs that are destroying the youths of this nation...

Again the @nigeriapoliceforce need to wake up to its responsibility of protecting the Nigerian people instead of looking for an avenue to rip the people it was meant to protect

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