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Osun is the goddess, or orisha, of love, sensuality, sexuality, desirability, superiority, and femininity. She is a river goddess, and one of her attributes is to bring forth sweet and fertile waters.


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How has he erased his father’s name? Because he’s not supporting Obi? Even if that’s a thing, how does that concern the legacy of his father? Abi you no even listen to comprehend. All dis yeyebrities sef

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this may to get sense,nor need to sue or divorce her her husband direct,she wants to prove first that they are trying to impose the polygamy on her,the matter go later tie her husband cos he commented too, she go collet better devoice settlement later, she wan gather case first

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Admin. Thanks for the random giveaway you just sent to my UBA bank account! 50k confirmed in my account. I will continue to be active!

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You are welcome. We will be giving out giveaway to active users

another giveaway coming soon

Yes do giveaway please

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Congratulations you are among the few people who know the date of their death before death actually comes. how can you see death trap and walk into it all because of what people will say?. If you love your life, call your parent and narrate the issue to them, they will arrange a meeting with the man and his family and call off the death trap (marriage) you are about walking into if he cannot sign an agreement never to lay his hands on you again. Your family will prefer you single and alive than married but dead. If you marry him and he beats you to death, the next day he will go and mess another woman up, and another woman will take your place in the hell of beatings. Rescue yourself and other women. This is harsh though but pardon me I don't know how to talk.

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Congratulation on your new job.

Please check the bank benefits and policies about working and being pregnant. If they have women in leadership at the bank, I am sure you will be treated good.

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Most upcoming creatives or artists live in their heads for so long that the outside world becomes "bleaker" than it really is. They prefer the realities they create rather than the one they live in. They would willingly sacrifice their love for you, even your heart for a beautiful muse. At the end of the day you'll be stuck, addicted to one whom is addicted to his own mind. All that can change when they feel they have created enough but most women will not wait for that.

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Looks like she gave you gonorrhea as your wedding gift. Make best of the situation and get yourself fixed asap. There may be better days ahead with her if you believe so. If not, do what is best for you.

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I found this to be a good read. There are good side of life that comes with being single when you are very matured and advanced in life.

33 Reasons Why Being Single In Your 30s Is the Best Thing Ever — Best Life /

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As na one man to one woman we dey preach now. So no be everyone go marry be that. so these 33 things na to help you hold body if you no marry?

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Go spiritual about it.

Don’t waste your time going to Shiloh, to be Redeemed or all these scam Pentecostal tithe hungry prosperity end time fake prophets churches. They will end up hooking you up with one pehp or boring evangelist that suffers premature ejaculation's.

It is better you use your hand and hook the one you like. But treat him well.

Nothing wrong in hooking husband spirituality. We are all spiritual entities that depend that depend on scientifically verifiable spiritual events to lead us. You can go all out on it. Even the bible says the kingdom of God suffereth violence.

If you are open to polygamy, give it a shot.

Strong wise men like biblical Solomon still exists. There mission is to lead, conquer, provide and reproduce. It's like a pride to them.

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