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Sometimes you just need to die a little inside in order to be reborn and rise again.


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Chai! May God continue to bless her abundantly

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So disrespectful to ignore the warnings of the IGP. How do they train their children when they as fathers fail to comply to simply instructions. Many of them to be laid off 😮 bad eggs

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They even danced it more than the ones in the music video. If I tell you that the Buga video is as disappointing as Kizz Daniel himself, I no lie.

Enjoy Reverend Sisters  

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LOL I pay $60 for barbing and beards

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It's the conversion to Naira spirit at work.. 😂😂😂.

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Wishing him the very best we all deserve to be happy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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In life, you have to do your best to be a good person, a good mate, and let the rest fall into place...whether a guy is cute or not, if he doesn't respect the r/ship you guys have, then he will cheat. So make sure you choose a guy that respects your r/ship and basta.

You can do nothing to stop cheating, disrespectful/deceitful/untrustworthy partners from being different.

Life is too valuable to waste time worrying day and night about what your partner is (or maybe) doing. People who don't suffer from low self-esteem/insecurity will be fine.

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Thinking about Nigeria’s problems can cause shock or even depression. It is well.

In Nigeria, a Domestic Flight Ticket is now ₦150k... meanwhile, going by road is around ₦30m to ₦100m depending on the kidnapper.

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This will be a long bitter legal battle for both Lawal and Akpabio

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This guy is wanted by EFCC for fraud. What do you think he would do? Of course they are holding in by his by his tail. If he doesn't join the looting team he will be jailed. This guys are bunch of losers recruiting people like him. Pastor Christ openly on T.v striped him off his role in his church for fraud.

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The Kidnap Kingpin, John Ewa, Who Used To Be A Cleaner In A Ba...

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The Prophets Also Represented 😂😂

The prophets also represented 😂😂 Nobody wants to be recruited into the army to eat Cassava and Agbado aswear😂😂 Abuja

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Igbo Man In Lagos🌹

Igbo Man In Lagos🌹 Happy Saturday.

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@PeterObi Right Now, APC Will Be Wishing They Didn’t Sh0ot And...

@PeterObi Right now, APC will be wishing they didn’t sh0ot and kill us at the Lekki Toll Gate .

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