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Sometimes you just need to die a little inside in order to be reborn and rise again.


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Nothing wey person no go read o.

What's Your Experience On Spiritual Husband Or Dating A Girl From The Marine Kingdom

Our mumu don too much. I think it’s the market. Once women are empowered with a buying power, then the narrative will change.

Why Do Landlords Refuse To Rent Rooms To Single Women In Nigeria?

Who ask you? Some people sha and their crazy reasons full everywhere... meaning ladies with booty are also whores right?

A wise man once told me that for marriage to work, you have to fall in love with the same person all over again and as many times as possible.

To stay married, we must continue to find ways to make our partner happy and continue to find ways to make them fall in love all over again.

Nice hopefully this can help some people figure out what direction to take in learning a new programming skills.

Looking To Learn Programming? Top 8 Programming Languages That Will Get You Hired In Nigeria

God till I will die, don't let me be tempted to eat snake please, don't let me be friends with those that eat it.

Nothing we adamu no go see for gate. You are an adult now so learn to knock

I Walked In On My Parents Having Sex, Now I Feel So Embarrassed

That's a wonderful goat there 

They all have instincts and they obey their intuition.

Unlike human beings that will argue with themselves first before deciding whether to obey what their instict is telling them

They all behave like humans just that they don't have rules and regulations guiding them

Why you go give person money wey him no sabi and wey him never see before? He is playing safe biko

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