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Sometimes you just need to die a little inside in order to be reborn and rise again.


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Yes, practice usual or slightly heightened caution, depending on the region. And do not go pretty close to the north for now, not necessarily because you're a woman but because it's generally dangerous for everyone. You should bring a giant sun hat and shades. If you want to go out at nighttime, I'd recommend sticking to Lagos or Abuja, as they're the most nighttime-friendly cities/states. If you are Igbo, I will recommend Owerri. Been there, and they have a solid social nightlife scene. I don't know about the other states; anyone can correct me.

Since you said "one day," I don't need to point out that it's not a good idea to come anytime between now and April (see: elections)

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Nigeria’s last chance is the coming election,if they miss it, it's obituary for NIGERIA.
It's either Peter Obi or no body else.... the situation in Nigeria has gone beyond party or tribe politics! We must join hands together to rescue the nation period!

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Abeokuta is not in the poll, but a place to visit while in Nigeria. The city is snuggled inland and has a sizeable northern part that spreads out to Lagos and the Ogun State's capital. If you want to see historical farms, there are many yam fields, maize farms, swaying wooded savanna, and palm oil plantations all over the great city.

It is also a historic place on the crucial trade paths between the coast and the heart of West Africa led to previous residents raising sun-dried bricks and clays ramparts around the old town, making it historically beautiful. The beauty can be seen from a close range, distance even more from an aerial view. Many of which can still be seen today.

However, the pear-shaped heaps of the Olumo Rock that soars atop the town draw the eye and perfectly define its beauty.

This antique natural fort plays host to an excellent art museum, a craftwork shop selling locally made artworks and historic shelters that showcase the human narrative of the Ogun region as an entirety.

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Very annoying. We Nigerians are just wicked to ourselves

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Who be the people way dey buy the money self and for what exactly? Why should I pay 1m to get 700k? This is madness

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Peter OBI is changing the game weather he wins or not. He is reminding us that we don’t have to vote along ethnicity and tribal lines.

We need to vote for transparency and qualifications. Because our democracy is still new and we are evolving judging by Peter Obi’s campaign, I will picked that people will still vote along tribal lines because majority of the voters are still uneducated in the rural places.

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PollWhat Nigerian City Do You Recommend That A Tourist Or Foreigner Must Visit And Experience While In Nigeria?

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Fashola Denies Promising APC Will Fix Power In Six Months.

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A Pregnant Lady Was Arrested After NDLEA Operatives Found 800g Of Skunk Inside Two Radio Sets Her Sister Asked Her To Send To Dubai.

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Some Locals In Ogun State Were Spotted Ripping Down APC Presidential Candidate Banner Apart.

This act is related to the riot that ended with a bullet being shot at Protesters.

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Reno Omokri Applauds Northern Muslim POS Operators For Charging Less Than Southern POS Operators.

He says POS operators of Northern Muslim extraction have again shown why the average Northern Nigerian Muslim commoners are typicall...

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