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E be many things for Naija but one day, day go break again


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Keeping your virginity is very important, you will have eternal respect of your partner.

Christians should desist from sexual immorality.

A true believer in Christ will follow God's commandments

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It is a lie. I have an aunty who was a virgin when she got married. Her husband disvirgined her. But can you believe that within one year of marriage, the guy got another lady pregnant? My aunt was heartbroken, and she told my parents. (My parents are like her parents too). The man has left her to pay all the bills herself even though they both earn. The only bill he takes care of is the house rent. She takes care of everything else including school fees of the kids. Her experience in marriage for 7 years now has just been God’s grace sustaining them. Being a virgin doesn’t guarantee that your husband will respect you eternally. We can only pray and hope for the best. For information, if I choose to be a virgin or not, I’m doing it for myself and not because I want any man to respect me eternally.

NigeriansLast activity one month ago

Wow for him to write all this things that means he is intelligent unless na copy and paste, I think he stands a better chance, he might just be doing security because of no work. But how una come begin Dey WhatsApp sha reason the guy jor, he can do some calculations of the tangents for you. Biko the guy sabi Wetin him want and that is what he is going for, no come after 10 years come Dey talk say you dong waka for prayer house to find better husband tire oo

FamilyLast activity one month ago

What if DNA results came out you are not their father? 😂😂 just hope you already done DNA test before going for this?

DatingLast activity one month ago

The Go-Back-And-Collect my stuff visits often lead to rough farewell sex.

I have done it many times to girlfriends of others.   I hope it hasn't been done to me, too. It likely has. 

That guy will take aphrodisiac and give her eight rounds balls deep. What does "8" look like lying down? INFINITY sex.

PoliceLast activity one month ago

Few years ago, when I was on my way from Edo state to Lagos, some few police men bought my music album in a check point. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 It's sound funny right?? but it's the fact guys . police are human being too.

VideoLast activity one month ago

So sad... May his soul rest in peace. Even though there are so many killings, Nigerian Police should start investigating these killings to bring closure and justice to bereaved families

VideoLast activity one month ago

Humble people don’t wear high end designers. An egocentric person wears expensive cloth to boost their low self esteem. Humility speaks louder in your choose and mode of dressing😢

Big Brother NaijaLast activity one month ago

Jay Boogie shared this pic on his IG. This one don turn woman finish.

Is Uti Nwachukwu Gradually Coming Out As Gay? He Shares Provocative Pictures As He Turns 40.

PeopleLast activity one month ago

Mehn...😢😢😢Double wahala for dead body. Risky!!! In this era of insecurity?

I totally get how she is feeling. Many people have been in that situation ( traveling without the parents of guardians knowing their whereabouts).

I do hope she is Innocent.

It would've still be same outcome to her if they have known each other for ages. Knowing people doesn't translate to knowing wen they will die.

NigeriansLast activity one month ago

Village people at work. This is how they represent Nigeria's image. Green passports don't have value out there. Are we even sure he’s Nigerian Cus all these African people do silly stuffs and claim Nigeria 😤😤

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