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What would happen to you if you tell her and she reports you to her fiancé? A wealthy man who sleeps with cadavers can probably pick you up with the police for trying to ruin his family, or he could visit your destiny spiritually.

Do what you think is right but prepare for the worst possible outcome. Talk and be damned, keep quiet and be damned. You're caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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If they are able to influence Supreme court to judge against this man to leave the governorship seat, we are finished, just know that APC has highjacked the government & the entire Judiciary, the upcoming election won't be any different

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No one is mentioning the fact that a danfo bus already passed there and nothing was done to the bus. SMH

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Perfect!. Congratulations to the KIDS as We do not have to see the kids' neglect anymore. However, I'm sure the neglecter will now be visited more often and unexpectedly. Rules are now changing. It was becoming a comedy of repeated negligence on every level, especially the health of the kids. All thanks to the judge 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👍🏼

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The holier than thou art in Nigeria is a problem. We are morally indecent, so there are more religious establishments than industries in Nigeria. It's time to start allowing young people to discuss sex and also talk and take sex seriously in marriages. People are often judged because they want to discuss sex freely, and even women find it hard to get married if there is gossip about her enjoying sex. It's okay to enjoy sex. Sex is natural. Sex is divine. It is meant to be part of life.

Spouses should talk about this. If the husband is underperforming, there should be no shame in correcting it. If the wife is not adventurous or spontaneous in bed, it's okay to work on it. This will not stop serial cheaters but will go a long way in reducing infidelity among married people. Sex education for married people Biko

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How about tracing there cards to the particular machine that had them registered to make findings?!!meanwhile we haven’t got update on those registrations made outside Nigeria!!!!

Na only 18? Make Una go Kano, Katsina, Sokoto, in fact, the whole of northern Nigeria....see how they have become Nigerians in everything.....

Nigeria population is not up to 100 million, the north is filled with hungry foreigners, fraudulently registering in elections to keep them in power.

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