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40 days and 40 night of fasting no fit take you to heaven


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He's keeping a low profile to protect himself from verbal attacks and criticisms. He's also doing this by distancing himself from the presidency. Don't be u strategic. He's protecting his head

The name with good meaning on the lips of every Omoluabi's now is Igboho 

Asiwaju can be translated to "Cowardice" in the new and refined Oxford dictionary.

No knowledge is over rated, no certificate is over rated.

If you think certificate is over rated go and see what our olodo Politicians are going through to get certificate like Buhari and Adeleke.

On a more serious note, go and get a master's degree in Business Administration or Economics while you get you ICAN side by side.

Powerful Artificial intelligence softwares are taking over Accounting Profession slowly and you need to display more competence in business world to get a job.

Take a look at QuickBooks packages, there is no accounting for small business that it can't handle.

A photo of former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu in a UK court where he was arraigned for allegedly bringing a child to the UK for alleged organ harvesting, has been shared online. 

Ekweremadu’s Daughter Needed A Kidney, So He Brought In A 15 Year Old Homeless Boy To The UK To Extract His Kidney

Shortly after the arraignment, it's been revealed that Ike Ekweremadu wrote a letter to the British high commission about a kidney donation for his daughter.


In the letter, the former deputy senate president said he was writing in support of a visa applicant who was scheduled for “medical investigations for a kidney donation to Ms Sonia Ekweremadu”.


He said the donor and his daughter “will be at the Royal Free Hospital London”, adding that he would “be providing the necessary funding”.

Ekweremadu’s Daughter Needed A Kidney, So He Brought In A 15 Year Old Homeless Boy To The UK To Extract His Kidney

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It's good he's been caught. For them to be arrested means the child is a minor who can't even give consent. Even if the child is orphaned, they'll have to provide an adult who gave them consent on the child's behalf and is supposed to care for the child.

"Poverty Verification Cards": I No Longer Trust Social Media Signals

I will try and explain to you.

In Jewish custom, there's a relationship that exists between the father and the first born son that relationship is called, "the firstborn son relationship" it only exists between the father and the first born son. Not the first born daughter, or anyone else.

Now, in that relationship, the custom says, whatever the father has belong to the first born son, if not all, at least 2/3 of the properties.

However, the Jewish custom also says that for the first born son to take over his inheritance, he must be the one to bury his father when he dies. Remember, the jew bury their dead in the same day.

The prodigal son never really loved his dad, the reason why he stayed back home was because of his inheritance, he was the first born son, so it was easier for the junior one to go because by virtual of birth, he had no inheritance.

Also, the reason why Esau did didn't go after Jacob immediately was because he was a firstborn son, and if he went after him, and his father (Isaac) dies, there's no way he would be home to bury his father same day so he can take over his inheritance. That's why Esau waited till Isaac died before he went after Jacob.

Now, I believe by now you understand the Jewish custom...

That guy Jesus told to let the dead bury their dead was a firstborn son. Remember, the only reason he gave Jesus was, "let me go home and bury my father, then I will follow you".

Literally, his father wasn't dead, but he was telling Jesus that I can't follow you until my father is dead. Because if he follows Jesus and his father died, there's no way he will get home the same day to bury his father so that he can take over his inheritance. So he was telling Jesus, oga wait first, let's pray my dad dies so quickly so I can take over my money, we need it for the gospel.

When Jesus said, "let the dead bury their dead", Jesus was telling him, let other children who are dead to the first born son relationship (who by birth doesn't own it,) let them take over it. In other words, FORGO YOUR INHERITANCE AND FOLLOW ME.

That's it.. If you want more clarification, I am here

Vote Peter Obi and secure all your pikin future.

Una Wey Una Mama No Born Plenty Pikin No Know Wetin God Do For Una

He likes you. Who else notice? Give am chance, the simp no get mind to ask you out...

I did a google search and found this. I don't know if that helps!

I Was Shortlisted For An Interview With Motion Yield LTD. Is This Real Or A Scam?

I Was Shortlisted For An Interview With Motion Yield LTD. Is This Real Or A Scam?

If they know what's good for them in plateau state, they should vote for him. Better days ahead for them.

If he was born in Jos, then he’s qualified.

Maybe he’d be more fair to Plateau people and not sign them off to herdsmen like Lalong has been doing.

Thunder fire Simon Lalong; bastard Fulani puppet.

But be like him still dey confused on which party to join.

Before you consider dating and marrying an African man,

Are you willing to be submissive?, irrespective of your social and financial status.?

What you guy’s call LOVE over there, is what we African men call RESPECT over here.

Just one of the major things to consider,

Good luck out there!

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