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We are still in 1920 o

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u will start seeing mumus talking about culture and traditions wen it comes to subduction of women but these sets of people want to use exotic cars and luxurious things from the western world

1920 Ba, but the queen was buried in her tradition Abi? We lost ourselves in been others.

why do we always bring the queen into every single matter. What about our kings that sold us to them. Blacks sold fellow blacks out to oyinbo for MONEY.

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My Boss, Arthur U. At Umuahia, taught me that process long ago. I discovered he always had his way even when the uniform men seemed rigid toward other drivers. one day, I just asked him, oga how you dey take know all these people na and he said I no know any of them o, ah how come dem just dey allow you pass anywhere we reach? And he said, if you are playing music, as you approach them, turn it down, put on your inner light, and greet them with respect just like you treat other people you respect, if possible, ask them how the work and family then smile. If they don't get any tangible reason to suspect or search your vehicle, you don get pass mark. This has been working for me too.

Note, I don't carry dada hair, and I don't wear sag trousers, so your case fit differently even after you apply those measures.

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See Wike a strong man, Reno will be one side castigating Obi without understanding interest and status of his regional people in PDP. Na to dey write grammar and indirectly instigating ethnic groups against each others

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Very very very very good when the system encourages police in Nigeria 🇳🇬 to be used as senior House Boys and girls...its extremely shameful police 🚔 used as slaves n niaja. Mbaise born Zainab Duke Abiola 🙄

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mbaise born does not entail that she is a native of mbaise, but it means that she was born and raised there, may be one of her parents was an officer posted in mbaise for a special duty.

means she has roots in mbaise could be parents or grand parents, so yea could be origin

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Genuine love. She’s so cute 😍God bless there union ❤️❤️ Can never be the other way round😢

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No one can say it will go down well quickly, just like that with you. Still, as you said, this is the time to stay calm. also you are a strong and genuinely matured lady, pretty too but consider not coming to social media with an issue in your deepest of heart like this. The Good Lord is your strength. you still have a better future ahead of you with your entire household. #wordenough

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These people are senseless. No other country brings state Governors to the UN General Assembly arena during the UN GA high-level week. Google it. This act is the most shameful representation of the abused Nigerian ESTA code. How can a Minister of Foreign Affairs and Nigerian Ambassador to the UN take a back seat in their country's UN delegation and the governors of states that do not imply the UN has a front seat? If the Buhari administration could be reproduced into a brain and you put the brain inside a bird, the bird would fly backward!

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What if they say "You may now kiss the bride" who will carry M.I?😆 More photos

Video From MI Abaga And Eniola's Traditional Wedding.

Video From MI Abaga And Eniola's Traditional Wedding.

Video From MI Abaga And Eniola's Traditional Wedding.

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This people called Nigerian Human Right Activists, are not really activists, they just look for a short cut to power corridor, and make their money. Else why committing assault on someone you are supposed to advocate for, in a case of assault hitherto?? 🤷🤷🤷

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The title HRA is just a facade here in Nigeria. I worked with one, very popular on Facebook, I quickly deserted the job at the realisation of the atrocities being committed there

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You folks and your church worship. Why do you care what your churches feel about your decisions? Why do you allow mere men - your pastors and mogs - to sit as gods over you, to the extent that you even consider their opinion where sin is concerned, rather than to God Himself - the one who defines sin? 


Spiritually and Biblically speaking, only men are commanded to get married. Women are not obliged. This is because a man needs a woman to be complete while a woman comes complete naturally.

You can read about Kim Kardashian’s Artificial Insemination & Surrogacy journey. Let's love to live in our truth and live happy. The day you free yourself from the bondage of church, that is the day you will truly be saved.

Is Artificial Insemination A Sin When Done By A Single Christian Lady?

Kim Kardashian’s IVF & Surrogacy journey - Infertility Aide

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