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I don't even know why Yorubas always feel threatened each time they hear that Lagos is no man"s land. I don't think I will disturb myself if you say my hometown and State (Umuahia) Abia State) are no man"s land.

What belongs to me belongs to me. We understand that some Yorubas get angry to hear that Lagos belongs to no man, and many people deliberately use it to make them angry. We know that Lagos belongs to Yorubas, but the provocation is part of the mockery between the two tribes.

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bros if after all we have been through in this country you all celebrities still want to hide who you preferred for the fourth coming election then you’re all not worth the hype and respect! This is democracy and you should open speak on who your choice is and why you chose such person. Is my obligation to respect your choice of candidate even though if I may not agree to your reasons. Like I said this is democracy. Make he no be say after election una go come the whine us. Much love.

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We all know this.

Obi is our next president. We can't allow the world to mock us again. This is not a situation of in-between the devil(Tinubu) and deep blue sea( atiku)...what we have is in-between the devil( Atiku and Tinubu) and redemption( obi).

We are one step into deliverance. If we miss this, then Nigeria will be gone. After this election, we are going to be aware of certain things

1)the problem of Nigeria is tribalism and not all about religion but mostly tribalism

And Hausas are not tribalistic the way we thought. The problem with Hausas is that religious line. apart from that, Hausas are fantastic people

But the Yorubas are more tribalistic.

Because at the time, Buhari was sick and traveling for medical attention, we all were clamoring for him to hand over to a healthy and vibrant Osinbajo. We regretted our action of being stupid to elect a sick older man.

But now we have a vibrant and healthy Peter obi contesting, but because of tribalism, the Yorubas want us to install Tinubu again, knowing fully well that the world will mock us.

The worse part of it is that the pain and memory of the constant travel for medical checks by Buhari are still very fresh in our minds. Not like it happened 20 years ago. It just happened yesterday.

And for all those quoting me. Please am not any of these tribes, not Igbo, Yoruba, or Hausa. I'm from the South-South.

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Buhari's legacy was based on infrastructure, and I think Tinubu will be working on the infrastructure when he gets into power

Nigeria already has a deal with Siemens to better the power supply of the country, and these are the kind of things Tinubu is talking about

Rome was not built in a day, and I think Nigeria Is on the right path.

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I agree with him, everyone should develop their place, we all can’t be running to Lagos as if we don’t have other states in Nigeria 🇳🇬

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is Lagos developed?? Just asking sha

if it’s not developed why is everyone going there ? 🤔🤔

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You despise Jonathan only because he is igbo!! Nobody should tell me nothing! Tribalism is the root of Nigerians Problem and as we all keep hating ourselves because we are from different Ethnic backgrounds, we are not going anywhere forward in this country!!!! The day NIGERIA Divides, that day our healing starts… we are not ready yet

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one month ago

that's the problems we are having someone that has the same tradition and culture with me will say we are not the same tribe I wonder did igbo cronise any part of Nigeria we have the same tradition by birth and we inherited it from our four father's so why are we saying we are not the same because of language different am using c abakaliki ebonyi state as an example me as Enugu boy I can't understand or even hear there language but we have the same culture and tradition but we practice it in different ways here in Enugu if someone from nsuka is speaking I hardly understand them but we have the same culture and tradition but practice it in different ways so why someone from port Harcourt edo Benin bayelsa akwa ibom Delta who has the same culture and tradition with but practice it in different ways saying am not his brother I know all this started happening after the war divide and rule games

hat’s not Igbo ,he is from bayelsa both names are from bayelsa,na my state man so just know it ,he is ijaw not Igbo

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I keep telling these girls, relationship is for adults, not for teenagers, you need to be matured in mind before considering relationship. Forget any sweet story any guy is telling you. Be matured in your mind first. Give your self to deep study, about life, economy, social, business, politics. Those will help your mind be vast. It's sad she just ended her life this way.

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It can never be catholic church, We no send anybody for catholic o. Before you argue, check the Man's gown, what is he using to tie the hands 😂😂😂

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catholic or no catholic, should that even be the bone of contention. This is a ridicle on the body of christ. This is a shame on christianity snd all that matters to you guys is if its ur denomination or not. Dey play

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If Benin boy run from problem na ein be say he get paying client for hand at the moment. If those boys dey vex, even sound of gunshot go attract them instead of scaring them

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Nor be lie# true 😂


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The Airline can predict circumstances in Ghana. They know what to expect because the Laws are working in Ghana and other parts of the country, but they face unpredictable events in Nigeria. Sometimes government officials are beggars, others collecting bribes for what is done freely in other African countries. I have experienced the same and stopped my trip to Nigeria.

Nigeria is not a Country for the sanity of mind. The Airline knows you must be mad to visit Nigeria, and they collect extra money to deal with the insanity. The cost of doing business in Nigeria is higher than in the US.#botuser

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Kenya and madness are like 5 and 6@botuer

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