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Pastor Kumuyi has been trying lately to unfetter the members of his church from unnecessary dogma and traditions of men, which had made his congregation shrink and unappealing to the younger generation and, therefore, not have any future sustainability.

He is trying to untie them from dangerous beliefs that they had previously assumed were the manifestations of holiness but are mere human standards.

But in doing this, baba has sometimes got more people confused than before. In this case of women covering their heads in the church, it is clearly written in the scripture he quoted (1 Corinthians 11:5). So one wonders what exactly the trouble is if an usher demands that a woman cover her head at the entrance of the church.

Maybe prophecy is not general, given that prophecy is a gift for a select few, which makes it exclusive, but can anyone enter the church and not pray? The rest of the verses in the chapter explained the whole issue clearly (from 1 Corinthians 11:6).

Pastor Kumuyi should be careful in throwing his church into confusion. The younger generation he is trying to attract is even those who need biblical guidance from their entitlement tendencies. They should not be indulged in creating their own rules.

Baba should know that not everyone will be comfortable coming to church. There is nothing wrong with women covering their heads in the church. Christianity is by faith.

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