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The so-called leader of tomorrow. Useless generation of decadency. What a generation. Tomorrow, the boy go bleep her raw with his tiny hairy dick, and his shameless mother will rejoice like that American idiot rejoicing to be a Grand mother at 36. Shame to you all and una parents

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I have a question oo, if they don’t find anything wil they give me my exact bag intact or they will buy me a new bag ?

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Slow to speech as to the reasoning. His zombie's support will soon come out to defend the indefensible.

I'll be disappointed with us as Nigerians if APC has up to 5million votes come 2023.

How they used propaganda to sell us rubbish and excuses for 8yrs is something we should worry about. I have nothing against Mr. Tinubu as an individual. He has done well for himself and his family.

But I have everything against his political side of things. The mediocre standards we hold our leaders to would make a man of his negative portfolio aspire to control the economic and political destinies of 300m+ people at such a dire time of our existence as a nation.

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g/Bola Tinubu


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