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PRO, thanks for sharing your experience. These under-cover spot checks are called quality control/quality assurance which is key to quality service. Beyond the spot check, NPF should have standard operating procedures (SOP); how to approach citizens, how to de-escalate tension, how to ignore tantrums from motorists, when to use brutal force, etc. Your officers should be trained continuously to imbibe these SOPs. For instance, your colleague that asked you to "find him something" deserves a query because NPF did not send him to that beat to beg for money. Night duty is never easy for anybody, including uniform guards, medical workers, radio/tv presenters, bar/restaurant staff, etc. Nobody is forced to do these jobs. It is by choice. I think NPF should collaborate with ASUU members for affordable/relevant training on psychology, language skills, etc., more so now that they are at home.

Oga, please don't use your experience to judge everybody. Sometimes you try to be friendly, and they see it as an advantage to frustrate and extort you. Do you think people haven't tried to be nice? Nigerians are one set of people I know who can pretend to the end so long as they get what they want, so if being nice and friendly to the police has been helpful, even people who are not lovely will pretend to be nice to have some peace. But no, people have seen that being not very pleasant with the same energy they bring will get them off your back faster than being nice. You can't stop someone who has gone through a bad day and start asking them stupid questions to extort them and expect them to be excellent. Train your officers to respect themselves and do their job how they are supposed to, and you will see they'd have fewer problems with people. They are not on the road to looking for respect. Respect will only come when they respect themselves.

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