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They are not called Agberos but Jagaban Logistics, just like there are Jagaban Young Stateman etc. Vote for a balanced ticket. Nowhere in the world would Muslim-Muslim condemn the killings of Christians or other religions. Vote wisely

What Are The Benefit Of Agbero To The State, The People, And The Country?

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Bola Tinubu is their God gather in Lagos. HE LEGALIZED THEIR CLAIM WHILE IN OFFICE A GOVERNOR OF LAGOS. Let him become president. Shebi una no gree hear word.

Igando is their headquarters for real. Igando ikotun and all of Alimosho are where these agberos operate from freely and are feared wey more than the police.

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Alot of people are going through alot and till you find yourself in those shoes you might not understand what such situation feels and looks like. Nobody should make one going through addiction or some kind of drug abuse feel judged rather these people needs all the support and prayers they could get and reaching out to such person and simply checking on them and giving them companion or words of encouragement can be life changing.

Pray never to put in certain situation by fate or life and may God continue to protect and safeguard us with His direction and presence from all vices and against all evil. Its well

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Dear Achalugo, Nigerians knew they voting in rubbish, but because of religious and tribal hate founded on nothing tangible, they voted. Twice. Nigerians are getting what we paid for and we are paying a heavy price for it. They have ruined the economy and have made the currency just as worthless. If you're still supporting this govt after all this ruin, it is God that will judge you and yours. For once, let us not be typical and mess this up. We will not have another chance.

Peter ObiLast activity 3 months ago

These politicians need to learn what time is. We are no longer ready to eat their usual rubbish food or do things their way, and we behave and look on. Time has changed, and this reality has to sink into their dirty ears.

NigeriaLast activity 3 months ago

Why is the USA 🇺🇸 trying to cause panic and problems in this country? Anytime USA starts evacuating citizens, e don be for that country. Remember when they started evacuating citizens from Ukraine, we all thought Putin was making empty threats. Now see wetin don sup for Ukraine.

See proactiveness. I hope they will come and tell us stories only if they have ample time to secure the targeted areas.

This whole situation is being blown out of proportion. The security operatives in the capital can handle terror attacks unless it's a 9-11 type of situation.

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