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Violence cannot be created not destroyed. But, it can be transformed from one form to another.


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The first question I would like to ask before I answer is, is 50k enough for your monthly family upkeep?

Are you conscious of the rate of inflation since you started giving that 50k? First understand your wife (within reason) before trying to get her to understand you.

Get Her to draw up a budget then you guys should prioritize it.

Meanwhile, how is your sex life ? A lot of marital problems are either aggravated or calmed down depending on your level of sexual intimacy or other Iove languages. You need to know, then learn to speak Her love language.

Best wishes.

NigeriansLast activity one month ago

You're talking about a country that's more than 10 times the size of Nigeria, operating 6 different time zones and has a population of just 38 million.

I can imagine how lonely it could be most especially during the winter period. Though Canada is much better than Nigeria, I would rather relocate to Brazil. I really feel for our single Nigerian sisters there, e no go easy for una oh

VideoLast activity one month ago

Lagos operating a one party system chinese style. If tinubu win no other party will advertise across Nigeria

OndoLast activity one month ago

Young man, I can understand you have a lot of untapped libido , but I care to say .... na you go tire oooo

NigeriansLast activity one month ago

What God cannot do does not exist. You might be his missing Rib. Because he is a gateman doesn’t mean he can’t have feelings for you, we have seen bosses fall in love with house helps and gatemen.

he might actually be the one you are looking for and he has probably seen you are being played by all the men you come across, well it’s choice to choose…. shey for Nigeria film princess they run leave prince go marry gateman?

VideoLast activity one month ago

Please how can we find him, please a genuine contact not the one I have been scammed on a lady I wanted to help here before ooo, please let it be genuine. Thanks❤️❤️

VideoLast activity one month ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 70 years old daddy

ASUULast activity one month ago

Imagine? Are they begging them to call off d strike with mere promises? When have they not failed to fulfill even one out of all d bogus promises they made and have kept making since taking over leadership of the country? This is d height of f*ckry! Nigeria does not have money because they've all looted and stashed billions of dollars to rig next year's election to continue their looting with reckless abandon. God abeg o

I've stopped pitying those affected students o. One of them almost beat me yesterday for supporting Obi and not "emilokan" because he's Yoruba. Let them all remain at home till they receive sense.

PoliticsLast activity one month ago

wetin dey pain me pass be say Buhari use 6ix good months to search/appoint cabinet members! I was hyped, I said dis man is a genius.

anyways This is fake news, wicked media, it's over 500% APC has finished Nigeria patapata... God forbid anything directly or indirectly related to APC returning to power in 2023.

PoliceLast activity one month ago

Even though frank uduak was sentenced to death a few days ago bcos of this kind of act, some people will not still learn, death is waiting for them as well.

No one is safe in Nigeria. Human lives aren’t respected anymore. Nigeria is completely broken. I won’t visit Nigeria until Buhari is gone and a more responsible government without ethno religious sentiments starts addressing the high insecurity in Nigeria

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Crime11 answersLast activity 6 hours ago

The Prophets Also Represented 😂😂

The prophets also represented 😂😂 Nobody wants to be recruited into the army to eat Cassava and Agbado aswear😂😂 Abuja

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Igbo Man In Lagos🌹

Igbo Man In Lagos🌹 Happy Saturday.

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@PeterObi Right Now, APC Will Be Wishing They Didn’t Sh0ot And...

@PeterObi Right now, APC will be wishing they didn’t sh0ot and kill us at the Lekki Toll Gate .

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