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Violence cannot be created not destroyed. But, it can be transformed from one form to another.


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In a game of chess, asiwaju means pawn.

In yoruba land, the oba's confers the title on people wey dem fit press their mumu button and dem go cough out cash in a blink of an eye.

What Does Asiwaju Mean?

Na format to make the person feel important so as to get what they want from them. To this guyz, money no be problem, nothing like dispensation error.

The title no even gel with anything called bravery, asiwaju wey no get sense, wey allow the feeling of being important get to his brain, na dem dey kick bucket in no time, the one wey get sense knows when to run for hin life, dey have plenty escape route, u need to camp dem very well if u wan kill dem, else, dem don japa.

Peter OBI we know.

Help people from a distance. 

Times have changed, na my family, na my sister no follow. 

You are not responsible for their fate, make them follow God talk. Help them from a distance.

So what's the trauma now...I want to believe as he was busy collecting from his best friend, at least he wasn't disturbing you for sex. Is that not what y'all have been praying for?... A man that does not come for the punani

Ladies In Relationships Narrate How They Discovered Their Boyfriends Are Gay Or Bisexual

Godly, righteous, decent and resourceful wife.

IF you see her, dm me immediately, please

Man just killed croc for no reason. SMH. You could have called one of the available conservation NGOs (Green Fingers wildlife or Nigeria Conservation foundation) to come pick it up. We can't be killing any rare animal we see but I understand the threat it could pose.

I live in Uyo.

Housing is not cheap in Uyo o. In the capital Uyo it is hard to see a good house, it's always mushroom and toilet like looking houses. And they will be charging you there as if it is Portharcourt GRA.

The problem is that Akwaibom people are very lazy and greedy at thesame time. They will want to make profit of 3 times the cost of any commodity they have.

If you see the toilet I nearly rented for 450k. Toilet dirty looking 2 bedroom flat. Chai

Indegines are very greedy and backward. The town is undeveloped. The highest car you see on the road is Corolla. Keke people feel like they are driving Camry.

I had to sell my Range rover when I moved from Portharcourt to Akwaibom because it drew so much attention. Under 2 months they nearly snatched my Range Rover sport o. I had to sell it to have peace.

Food prices in Akwaibom is higher than cities like Lagos, Portharcourt and Co. Because of their greed.

And poverty full the land. It's either you are a foreigner who works in oil company at Eket Local Government or you are a teacher or civil servant. The rest are Keke drivers.

I have never seen so much level of poverty and greed in any state in Nigeria like I see in Akwaibom.

They are not resourceful. Very few shops you can enter and buy what you need. There markets are very scanty with over prized items. I can't even see foods from other states.

You may travel a whole 10km to buy essential commodity as araldite super glue. You will see a man selling coca cola and biscuits in his shop, he is too lazy to add 7up or sprite o. They won't even direct you to where you need to go buy the things you came for. Because of their greed, they will even discourage you that you by telling you you will never see that item anywhere.

They are annoyingly greedy and selfish.

Before rejoicing please take time to come to the state and see for yourself first.

I will not want to be here if not that God through a pastor told me 7 years behind that He will move me to Uyo and bless me more in that town. In fact I refused going to Akwaibom and circumstances started turning around against me. I nearly got fired from my job in Portharcourt GRA and I was suspended from work and as a further punishment I was then posted to Akwaibom.

Peter Obi For President!.

Nice peters though

Na you write the film? Because I feel like I have already watched the film before.

First you started with how I shouldn't read if I didn't want to spoil the film ba?

Why you come dey tell me?

Na you make am very interesting to me... and na you still make me no go like watch the movie. Because, I feel like I have already watched the film before.

Saw it last night. It was okay.

For a Nigerian movie, I will give it maybe 6.8/10.

Kate henshaw's acting: 9/10.

Most Nigerian movies I usually rate them around 4/10.

Its Libation. It is respect and a feeling of been connected to the bigger life.

Just image if the missionaries didn't come to Africa or if our great grand fathers prevented them from influencing our beliefs, this is part of what we Africans will be practicing as one of our religious beliefs.

Someone once asked me, what good has the traditional religions done to you?

A whole lot

To better understand spirituality and the concept of only general concept all religions agree on (which is love) only then will you understand.

You can’t hurt someone and expect the same not to be done to you coming under the guise of God’s love once you sin an opening has been left for any to harm you.

Life has value so do not take it when you can’t create one.

There’s only one supreme God which all religion accept but where the problem or disagreement comes from is who is his son or follower each religion claims theirs came from the only One God

Love is all that is the most important and giving including helping.

Plus I’m more more connected to my roots, I know my pedigree even to the 7th generation( I know the qualities, behavioral patterns my own offsprings should carry (look at the Oba and his offsprings you will understand and the ones before him), if you are into breeding you should know how to turn this to your advantage. Last but not the least, knowledge about herbs that are beneficial and how they work, it’s not Bragging but no one especially a woman can be barren in my lineage as long as she is healthy (the highest a woman can go childless is 2yrs as long as she is healthy and has a womb) but for a man I do not know.

The foremost pharmacists have ties to the Catholic Church and many priests still do till this day.

It's easy to fix erectyle dysfunction if you are not interested in quick fix.

Quit porn and habitual masturbation's, it will ruin your sex life, if not now certainly in the future.

Build your body... The penis is not that isolated from your body. A good leg and complete body workout will hit penile muscles, help your heart beat, and also help vessels dilate which is very important to keep erection.

Finally eat food rich in nitrous oxide... Usually fruits and vegetables. Just make this a habit and your body will fix itself...but of course, I don't see you quitting porn any time soon

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