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Violence cannot be created not destroyed. But, it can be transformed from one form to another.


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This movie was shut early because Stories like this should be made into a film in the following decades. It is still too early because many of us still remember what happened, and we might find it hard even to watch it. I may not watch it because of the horrible event still in my head. This story is for the future generation, not ours, to see and remember all over again in a movie.

ElectionLast activity 6 days ago

And some people are planning to vote in Another APC . Chukwu Aju

Peter ObiLast activity 6 days ago

This is one of the best news i have heard today..more like it. Self determination is always within the purview of our right and cant be taken away and any agitation therefrom is best effective in a non violent way especially when the heat is most disadvantageous to the ones seeking such...this is good more especially as we march out in number to do the right thing and get it right by voting wisely and OBIdiently in a YUSUful way... the promise land is in sight 😊

Peter ObiLast activity 6 days ago

Yemi Osibanjo: Your Excellency, I like what you're doing. Continue. My family and I are solidly behind you.

You see, Tinubu, President Buhari, and I are on his matter. We will use the new naira redesign policy to stop him from vote buying because he can only win the election with vote buying in Lagos.

Peter Obi: Thank you, Your Excellency.

PeopleLast activity 8 days ago

I am a critical thinker. Please, I would like you to analyse this case in point. Why do you think Buhari (i.e., APC) would rather not work to give power to another APC incoming president knowing fully well that he (Buhari) will be protected because party member will protect another party member?

Why are they looking like they are pushing the narrative towards making Obi the President, do you mean, Buhari really loves Nigerian and Nigeria so well that he wants Obi to deliver on what he couldn't even do? Meanwhile, they are not pressing charges of the Pandora Papers on Obi? Think, why would Buhari, OBJ, etc. Suddenly, they act like they prefer to have Obi there than Tinubu or Atiku? Oh, because they are changed humans? Read up what OBJ did to Mike Adenuga, using the EFCC to make him become his boy and how he had to donate towards bells University?

We all know they have one thing in common (i.e., they are the cabal) and how politics in Nigeria works is there must have a dirty on you, why do you think Osinbajo turned vegetable on arriving Aso Rock? Of all those contesting for Aso Rock, only one individual is truly a cabal and would have nobody to control him. Nigeria is controlled by cabals and Godfathers, and they know Obi can be controlled, so they want him there, and people like myself and others who have witnessed/voted during OBJ, GEJ, and BUBU still do not see the light?

Why did they take out Yaradua? Why do you think they know Tinubu has no filter and he will say everything he as done with anyone when he gets there, they know he fears nobody, what about Atiku, ordinary him tweeting that he condemned the Christian girl that was kill£d, he had to take down the tweet, he is controlled by the Northern Cabal same goes for our current president.

I wish people can think deep, but we are all carried away and we fail to read, why would a genuine human create shell companies and we know it could be legal but often it is to conceal money because tax haven would never release any info on their dealings or balance held in any account. What is my point? They are all the same, and we don't need a sane being to rule Nigeria.

NigeriaLast activity 9 days ago

My honest pick will be Enugu, and I may be biased because I am from Enugu. Enugu is an innocent and lush town nestled almost equidistant between the Cross River National Park, which is also the home of Nigeria's gorillas, and the delta of the River Niger. There is also the Bayelsa National Forest, which has beautiful baby chimps.

That prime spot close to some of the best natural draws of the Nigerian southeast is one of the main motivations for tourists to come here.

Others will appreciate the orderly roads and the low-rise structures, the down-to-earth residents, and the lifeblood of the small bottling and film enterprises that have grown here. Think about the famous OG of Nigerian movies(Nollywood), Living in bondage. And the gushing waterfalls and caves of the Ezeagu Tourist Complex are just on the city's edge.

WomenLast activity 12 days ago

TheMan and Fr Ugwu should take anything they want, bills on me. You won't see all these hungry feminists commenting here again, and they have gone to hide. I read one post where one was shamelessly praying that God should locate her with a destiny changer like Ned Nwoko, and the same confused things will come here to blab about polygamy and how men are scum. These people and hypocrisy are inseparable.

Men, hold your money. Women of all classes will line up, begging to be your lady. Women don't hate polygamy. They hate poor men.

PeopleLast activity 15 days ago

Apart from all the points stated, the typical Hausa or Fulani folk not from a juicy income frame generally have shallow endeavors compared to similar people in other parts of the country, so they would hardly ever put in the work it takes to hustle for Japa.

Their outlook on life and many things is 100% opposed to ours.

This is also why we say that the overwhelming prevalence of the population in the North is deadweight to the country, save for the little vegetables they farm. But some would say it is anti-north rhetoric. I don't know

Dating & RelationshpLast activity 15 days ago

I give it to you, and your grammatical constructions are top-notch. Another idea of yours that I admire is “letting people talk and express their thoughts,” especially when you have already discovered they are pointless.

Those girls think less of the employees in the hospitality industry without knowing that the owners of those companies are not also into oil and gas, finance, or mining. Is there much difference between a prison Warder and an inmate? Only the uniforms are different; the former is thinking about avoiding jailbreaks, while the other meditates on gaining freedom by all means. Prison walls surround both thoughts.

Please let me read more from you by sending me an e-mail contact.

Thanks again. You are one of those that know that one’s professionalism shouldn’t be a reason for insult. In as much you do something, you are employed. We can’t all be the same.

NairaLast activity 18 days ago

😂😂😂😂 Nigeria has never had it this bad. And some misplaced priorities in the form of a Tribe who claim the Yoruba majority would still go ahead to vote because of tribalistic sentiments and whatever have you. One imbecile__ here wrote that it is the turn for Yorubas, Yorubas have ruled, and Igbos have not, and somehow IPOB is there to fight for their republic. The shit in that one's head called brain is saying Peter Obi is there for IPOB to create Biafra, ok Make e tell me how ruling Nigeria would create Biafra. The useless fool cannot say.

We need a leader who can understand the plight of the masses, and the system of governance, who would not come out to insult a particular tribe, who would not sleep, wake up and lick the microphone like its Lollipop, who would not disgrace us in the White House. That is what Nigeria needs, and that candidate is Peter Obi.

I saw what he did in Anambra. If given the country, he will do it well. Tinubu was part of 2015, to finish us final na em he comes to do now. Instigated the EndSARS shooting and ran to France. What again is left in his pocket? Atiku condemned the murder of Deborah Samuel because they said they wouldn't vote, and he took the post down. These two people would commit spree genocide against a particular tribe if given a chance.

On your peril, if you vote them.

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After their Darling Daddy has destroyed the economy, his clueless economic advisers and his dumb self feel that creating artificial currency scarcity within Nigeria would give the Fake and collapsed Naira any value. Where is Naira demanded in international trade?

Still waiting to see the campaign sounds for their Darling Jagaban. By the way, where are our Darling Daddy Buhari and Osinbande. I guess Osinbande is just waiting for the handover date to dissolve full-time. We are waiting for what Buhari will do if he becomes the president.



18 days ago

Na one Igbo CBN governor cause am.

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