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It seems you have feelings for her . The earlier you understand that your work colleagues are not your friend the better for you. They can run you down at anytime just to get ahead in the company and also try avoid office politics.

I can totally relate bro. You are always available when they need you but never respond when you need them. That is how selfish and self centered people can be. Block her ass and end the friendship. She can NEVER be useful to you

Unless your friend is passionate about science or research, I’ll advise she takes the advice of that person and go to nursing school if she plans to relocate here, although that’s still dependent on whether she has passion for healthcare. If she’s rich enough and doesn’t want to study in Nigeria, she can build up healthcare experience and apply to accelerated Masters in Nursing programs (Pre-registration) in the UK. It’s 2 years instead and she can register with NMC as a UK RN after graduation.

When you talk about maybe there being another alternative with her biochemistry degree, I did biosciences as well and a bioscience masters here. I was able to get 2 job offers, one as a lab person in the NHS and another as a research assistant. I took the research assistant post cuz it’s at the No1 Uni here in the UK (UniofCam).

However I’ve found research / being confined to a lab to be boring, and tbh most people going down that route would have to spend longer years getting a PhD, else you’ll not be able to get a higher up position. However Nursing seems more interesting to me, reason why I’m starting an accelerated nursing program in 3months. Most Nigerians like me too studied Microbiology / Biochemistry / Cell Biology / Molecular Biology and the likes as a first degree because we didn’t meet the cut off for medicine or nursing or dentistry or the other medical courses.

So if that’s the case for your friend, she should grab this opportunity for a career in healthcare. It’s totally worth it (IMO).

Guys let be wise. It may be a stunt.

If it's real, then those girls are amazing, even the Okada man.

If you feel it's wrong, buy them a car or keep quiet.

Enuf of this Nigerian criticism.


Your level will change in some few weeks..

Don't relax... Work hard to secure a second car and give it to a trusted driver...

You can probably earn total 400k/m

My lady banker friend is depressed, desperate to leave her banking job,but she's struggling to find an alternative as she's the main bread winner, and can't just quit.

The thing is wearing her down mentally.

Some banking jobs are something else.

Islam is a blood thirsty religion. Even your closest friend will join hand to kill you once you are accused of one non sense against their prophet, most of the accusations are even false.

In the case of this beautiful damsel that was killed, I didn't see or hear anything like blasphemy, but they just killed the innocent girl under that guise.

Don't be surprised, that the school put a call across to the school security to hand her over and pretended like they were overpowered.

Islam is a curse to mankind. School security that I know are brutal, you dare not do anyhow, even cultists they fear them. How come they couldn't protect the innocent girl?

Living among northern Muslims is as dangerous as finding yourself in a den of hungry lions. They can turn on you at any moment. It's an unimaginable nightmare!

The very annoying thing about them is that the ones in the south act so meek as if they can never hurt a fly, whereas they're all the same.

The most unfortunate part about Deborah's story is that even if she had found a way to escape, they still would've made others suffer for it. Lives would've been lost.

Mumu SIMP! 

She’s a hoe. Think of it this way. You’re home, depressed and crying over her. She’s out there hoeing around. Enjoying with another guy.

Channel that energy you used in loving her to love yourself and chase the bag. Time will do it job. Try blocking her too. Man tf up. She’ll come begging someday. I don’t believe in mumu love anymore tho I hope I get back in track later because love is actually cool.

A hoe and a prostitute came back to you and you're even still willingly to accept her back.. The runz girl told you she's going to see another guy who's already banging her pussy, And you're here killing yourself.

U don't date some Nigeria girls oga.

Alaye, you can either swallow the Red Pill or continue simping. The choice is yours!

If there is anything that captivate my attention in this post the part you said he would be online and still won't reply your chat or pick your calls.

All I can say to you at this junction, is that you deserve better. You deserve happiness too.

It seem like you are the only one still in that relationship...

Aunty move on. Accept that you have just received your breakfast and move on. If he were yours he would have stayed faithful. Some of us also distance relationship for years and the relationship culminated in wedding. Next time don't be in a hurry to get emotionally or sexually attached to any man no matter how nice he seems. This is to ensure that when you discover he is not meant for you you can easily move on with little stress...

With peace in our land, tourism will get a boost. Nigerians themselves are more than enough clients in the business. The various tribes of people in our dear nation have so much to know and learn about the country. We have quite amazing and loving people all around Nigeria. That’s truly who we really are.

He's addicted yet he doesn't let it control him. I'm confused.

Do you know weed is also a prescription to some people to help them manage pain and depression?

Start by telling him to reduce the intake.

Help! My Boyfriend Is Addicted To Smoking Weed. What Can I Do About It?

Is it about gender or people's perceptions? I remember one told me on the phone that he wanted only married people in his house. Another said (again on the phone) that he prefers a 9-5 tenant.

Omo my eyes don see for this land sha but las las, I got the key to the said apartments. Their perception changed when we met physically.

You really can't blame some of these landlords. We don't have any citizen or tenancy records or database in Nigeria. Since landlords cannot verify your claims, some of them simply work with opinions, which are mainly subjective and personal.

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