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No apparent function. I feel they wear it to stand out, as you’d easily guess anyone wearing a reflective cloth and helmet to be an engineer.

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It's honestly so ugly

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Smartest Move Ever! The best move for both of them. Their decision is wise with a strong mind

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Good stuff. They're intelligent. Although love has no boundaries, we must be practical and realistic when making such decisions so we don't regret it in the future.

They did the right thing. Love is not enough. Healthy Kids come first. But, Why wait till this stage b4 going for their genotype?

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@simon_ekpa Special Dedication To MAZI CHIZITERE NNAMDI OKWU KANU And Mazi @simon_ekpa Over Thier "WE TOLD YOU EFULEFUS THAT ZOOGERIA IS NOT FOR YOU,...

@simon_ekpa Special dedication to MAZI CHIZITERE NNAMDI OKWU KANU and mazi @simon_ekpa over Thier "WE TOLD YOU EFULEFUS THAT ZOOGERI...

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Gov Babajide Sanwo-Olu Was Seen In A Happy Mood As He Monitored The Results From The Election (video)

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Asiwaju @officialABAT

Asiwaju @officialABAT President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria/1

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Labour Party And APC Supporters Exchange Greetings After Meeting At Bariga, Lagos.

This is coming ahead of the governorship and house of assembly elections holding tomorrow, March 18.

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