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StudyLast activity one month ago

Henry mayb be? LOL

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hehehe Henery

AnthonyLast activity one month ago

Anthony Joshua Lost To Oleksandr Usyk By Split DecisionAnthony Joshua Lost To Oleksandr Usyk By Split DecisionAnthony Joshua Lost To Oleksandr Usyk By Split DecisionAnthony Joshua Lost To Oleksandr Usyk By Split Decision

AJ should be proud of his performance tonight! That is the hardest and most hurt Usyk has ever been in his career! He will be back and I believe will be in huge and amazing fights shortly. The raw emotion shown there shows he’s human and hasn’t forgotten his roots!

HumansLast activity one month ago

Single people to that MC:

Somebody Explain To Me What Is Going On Here 🤔

DatingLast activity one month ago

Your girlfriend is baggage of load. She hasn't sorted herself from a previous relationship and jumped into another one? And she is the same person her brother insists that she dates a yahoo guy? And you said she is fickle-minded and you are not financially buoyant? It will soon clear from your eyes that you will likely be the loser in all these.

If you approve of her going over to her ex, she will go, and they will have sex. The guy knows her more than you do.

Jees! Just get out of this mess already and focus on you becoming financially buoyant.

PoliceLast activity one month ago

I honestly cannot think Of any good experience with a Nigerian police officer, other than my friend who’s a policeman 👮‍♂️!!

NigeriansLast activity one month ago

But doesn’t work all the time though. Some are completely Drunk and you just wasting your time being Humble 🤦🏽Same way they respect the police when they travel abroad. Celebrities should reciprocate the same in Naija.

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

2023 Election: Tinubu Visits Obasanjo In Ogun

Peter ObiLast activity one month ago

Peter Obi is the only person interested in moving Nigeria from consumption to production. Atiku will keep flying planes till he goes back to Dubai in 2023 APC AND PDP GO COLLECT. Meanwhile, obidients let’s follow each other here.

ASUULast activity one month ago

Can you imagine.... They obviously don't care of which I'm very sure they will not do anything come 2023 Asuu should stand their ground on this it's been lingering for too long haba now they keep making empty promises ‼️🤦🇳🇬💔

HumansLast activity one month ago

Dear Lord, please be with them. They're laughing. But it's not funny. ❤️🔥❤️ Bless them….Protect Them 🙏🏼 but why Nigerian Government they make us feel like they are not capable, too sad 😢 Bandits have taken this country #GodBlessNigeria🇳🇬

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