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If you see me outside and I no greet you. No vex abeg, my head e full. You know the level. Na this hustle I dey so.


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Advise your friend to go for nursing..

Gone are those days that we decide based on passion, now it is strictly based on finance and job security. Except you don't have the brain for it..

If I had known, I would have studied medicine at all cost...

Not just Bank job sir... Nearly every salaried job outside Top management position is nothing but slavery and gradual descent into poverty.

Even doctors, pharmacists, engineers, etc, are no longer spared. The thing is to have something extra giving you the needed financial uplift, or like the Op, going into something that will truly pay you with less stress.

Stop calling your former banking job a job. its corporate slavery. aka slaves in suit and tie

I'm happy for you and thank God for you. theres nothing like freedom from Slave masters that call themselves bank executives. Gone are the days when we used to envy/admire men and women working in the bank. They looked so elegant, sharp and smart. now they are not different from labourers doing hard labourous jobs under a.c's and With machines

However op please be weary of broke, entitled and rude slay queen's that don't have money to pay but want to give you sex in exchange for their transport fare or those that have perfected the skills of accusing you of rudeness or sexual harassment. similarly avoid girlfriends of yahoo boys for the sake of your sanity. congratulations once again

I never add the Buhari regime survival to my CV I'm waiting make e finish make I come add the 8years to my CV.

Every day different information

How can one add his new Google certificate to his CV

Diasporan folks are designed to give hypertension. Some are normal, some are not. Your guy is obviously one of the abnormal ones. I don’t know what sign or proof you are looking for again. I like to think he has spoken loudly with his silence.

The best you can do is spell it out to him that you would be moving on. That way you don’t cheat or have any guilt on your mind. Detach yourself emotionally first. Distract yourself with work and hobbies. Slowly but surely, you would forget his existence.

That said, abroad is hard. Italy is harder.

Sometimes a man got to do what he got to do. Free the young man and free yourself too.

Never be afraid to move on.

Be prepared for anything and everything.

A carpenter in Nigeria might end up making you feel more loved and cherished, but you would never know until you heal and try again

My sister....the only advice I can give to you now is for you to tell your man the simple truth. which is dem no they carry family problem for head o.

I'm also the 1st child of my parents and I am talking from experience.

you will die b4 your time if you try to please every body all the time..

family problem no dey finish at all.

as for d weed intake, it won't be easy 4 him to stop at once, its a gradual process....

Gays are multiplying in Africa gradually and people are yet to take full cognizance of it.

This thing would turn to a political machine in the hand of the west someday ,and many African politicians ,and leaders will be forced to bow to the demands of the western world in one way or another .

The powers behind them are using movie producers to push these by casting LGBTQ scenes .

Even our children are not save .

Some of these guys were initiated at a young age ,and they were able to manage the dirt for long .

Eyes on your kids if you care for their future .

Educate them on sexual orientation before they help you do the wrong one .

Because they(especially the men) realize they have traded their lives for nothing while their burden and responsibilities multiply exponentially.

Love is never enough to keep a marriage. To keep a marriage requires to not have any expectations of your self, of your spouse of life. You are required to be a donkey that has no mind of its own just do as you have been trained to.

But of course we are in an era of self realization of self awareness and almost every one has a mind of their own so it competes against what’s expected of you in marriage. For most marriages that seem to be standing the test of time, the foundation is a limitlessly subdued dreams and aspirations a well kept secret of frustration and resentment.

A case of suffering and smiling. (I’m not saying there aren’t really good marriages but, while we know the needle is in the middle of the haystack, finding it is difficult). Unfortunately, most people are afraid to talk about their frustration with marriage after all their neighbor, friend, brother etc who married before then are still sticking it out. But like one quote I read recently said ‘everyone seems to be doing fine until you have a heart to heart talk with them’.

I just love this Baba. May Allah or God or gods of our lands bless you.

He's winning the hearts and minds of Nigerians everyday.

Obama comes to mind each time I watch this man make public Presentation. So eloquent and charismatic.

he's the only qualified person for the job among them

Very good movie I agree Mo Abudu has started well redeeming herself for the Chief Daddy nonsense in January.

I'm a big action movie fan so I was very impressed with the fight scenes well choreographed. Most realistic and believable fight scenes I've seen in any Nigerian movie. Most if not all the actors brought their A game. Deyemi would have been my star if he didn't only appear in one episode. By far the best male performance in the mini-series. My accolades go to Miss Isime. She really carried the storied of the blood sisters. I give her props for really putting herself out for some of those physically tasking real down to earth performance. Okojie played off her very well. Watching them you never doubted that they had each others backs and were willing to die for each other.

Mr Ramsey, Kate Henshaw and Bankole deserve honorable mentions too. Gab Afolayan was good too but a little bit subdued for me going by his high standards. Like you rightly said the ensemble cast were well directed, with each allowed screen time to shine.

Fantastic locations shots making use of variety of settings and locales not just the overused Lekki, Ikoyi and Marina areas.

Cinematography was also good with some impressive shots here and there.

Story wise the film was generally good but some areas in terms of continuity and character behavior/motivations had me scratching my head once or twice but overall nothing that would affect the general look of the movie.

Going forward any Nigerian producer attempting to make a movie should watch blood sisters and use it as gauge of what future movies should be in terms of location shots, choreography attention to detail and flow of the story.

Rating: 8/10

If you are an agent you will know why. It isn't misogyny. At first I thought so, I questioned them and they gave me their reply. Most single ladies are into runs or have sponsors, which infact is not very stable.

Most of them rent are paid by sugar daddies or boyfriends, the first payment is always smooth. No matter how expensive it is, they will pay.

The problem is maintenance, electric bills, security bills e.t.c. that's where the problem comes. They always drag, and give promises that they are expecting funds, and it never comes.

Time for renewal of rent, they might no longer be with their sponsor, and it is very hard to push people out of your house, especially ladies. Men are easier to kick out than ladies.

Note: This keep repeating itself over and over again like a deja Vu to agents, it's very predictable.

They only rent house to ladies that have real jobs like bankers, or engineers not those that sells wig or do online business or can't even explain what they do for a living. It's because of the epidemic of runs girl with sugar daddy. You can tell us that majority of girls this days are not into rruns

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