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No one knows what you have been through or what your pretty little eyes have seen


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OBI is the face of the Youth

Enough of these Old Politicians that have plundered the nation.

Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement?

Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement?

Some men are like dogs. Someone can never be entrusted to your care. You repaid good with wickedness. How could you do such to someone who financed your tertiary education.

You deserved to be annihilated from the surface.

He should own up to his cousin and not commit suicide, next time, he should try to control his urge or flee like Joseph in Potiphar's house.

Quickly swallow the one in my mouth

What Will You Do If You Are In His Situation? (Pictures)

Suicide is geting too much in Nigeria. I understand that this regime has made life miserable for many Nigerians young/old but Suicide is the the best option. You could have hold on to God to remember you which I believe God will remember everyone some day. RIP

May God bless their hustles. Let's take back the country. Let's vote in competent people that has the progress of the country at heart, shun ethnic and religious back-ground.

Street Groundnut Seller In Suit Seen Issuing Stamped Sales Receipt To Customers

Street Groundnut Seller In Suit Seen Issuing Stamped Sales Receipt To Customers

Street Groundnut Seller In Suit Seen Issuing Stamped Sales Receipt To Customers

It literally means that you should face your own matter and do not meddle in what does not concern you.

"Let The Dead Bury The Dead." What Does This Statement Really Mean?

Meanwhile Happy Father's Day to every responsible fathers out there. Those that are shouldering their responsibility as the MAN of the house, loving their wives as their help meet and pointing their children to the right way.

May the Lord bless and keep you all in Jesus's name. Amen

There are seasoned bankers in Nigeria that went to UK, Canada or US and switched straight to nursing. She should accept advice of someone who loves her over there or gather money to go do msc public health(wch is very expensive & competitive).

You'll have to come to the continent. You're choosing a life partner, not a boyfriend.

There are a lot of good men and bad men as it is everywhere in the world.

The cultures are very different of course. There are a lot of things AAs do that would shock an average African and vice versa.

But you have to come to the continent to make that choice when you're ready, this are things of the heart it is imperative you do it with absolute caution and an open mind.

I wish you all the best.

PS: There is also a large African community in America, the easiest place to meet African men is the churches.

So, you can explore your options there.

He is obviously a naturalized Nigerian citizen or a citizen by ancestry like Atiku and Buhari. He is qualified to run and there should be no discussion about his person.

Nice one if you ask me.

If we can't restructure, then let's hand over Nigeria to Oyibo for just 30years abeg.

Why did you kill it? If na mosquitoes, you no go fit kill or create. Does it not have the right to survive like you? If you had killed it for food, it would be understood but then, it's a baby croc- not mature.

You killed it so that you can can come to this site and share the 'cheery' news to your fellow barbarians who reach ecstasy after killing wildlife and gleefully posting it here.

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