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Dear Op, forget all you read about trust and respect here. The "if your guy loves you bla bla bla." The reality is dating someone that everybody wants is not easy. Believe me when I say it takes more than love and respect from a guy; you as a woman have a lot to do.

Number 1 question

How confident are you in yourself, your partner, and your relationship?

What's the basis of your relationship?

How committed and connected are you to each other?

What makes you different from other women out there?

What's that unique value in you?

You are good to go if you can answer these questions and have both logical and practical answers.

The above may seem like walking on eggshells to some ladies, but it's OK. But if you want a cute guy of value with you, don't leave the work to him alone. You have to keep that fire burning. It must burn so much that he feels your heat while you are miles away.

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Person wey no get hope dey advice person wey get hope. Life shaa. Lmao

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