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Contrary to what most people say, the engineers and the tech sector know that the world is nowhere close to switching to electric cars and won’t be by 2030. The most relatively realistic invention is a hybrid.

So Nigeria still has some years to get its act in order before the inevitable happens.

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The 2030 agenda by the UN would like to differ.

Okay. The UN has lofty goals, but most are only partially rooted in reality.

Part of the 2030 agenda by the UN is to end hunger and have zero poverty by 2030… do you see that happening anytime soon?

You can read more about electric cars and their challenges, but I’ll summarize some for you :

  • Battery development has been a minor breakthrough since the early 1900s.

  • Electric cars pull a considerable amount of electricity, and we don’t have the headroom in our grids yet to supply it. Suppose everyone has one or more electric cars to cater to those needs. In that case, there will have to be a massive overhaul of old, obsolete generating facilities that are still being used even in developed countries.

  • The last and most important one, The oil and gas industry, is a massive industry with its hands in many other sectors. It provides jobs, and entire economies depend on the revenue generated.

Its extinction is no time soon.

It’s 2035, and it’s now being stopped by the opposition of Germany, Italy, Poland, and Belgium.

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Are you sure the agenda is to phase out gasoline cars completely? That's nearly impossible even in European countries. It's some form of hybridization. I may be wrong sha

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