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The Constitution of Nigeria talks about federal character and principles of inclusiveness. Is Tinubu saying that there are no competent Christians of Northern extraction? Kaduna has always had that balance of a Muslim-Christian or a Christian-Muslim ticket until El-rufai introduced a Muslim-Mualim Ticket. We all know the result today in Kaduna. Now they are daring Nigerians to go to hell. Can the north ever accept a Christian-Christian ticket? This is the time for Nigerians to stand up and reject this evil plan of APC. The blood that has been shed so far since the coming of APC is enough.

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All this line is stale already. Northern Christian leaders are already starting to get associated with Asiwaju, and even Bishop Kukah, the most respected bishop from the North, invited only him to his book launch in great defiance of the usual media rhetorics.

They are starting to get over the initial shock and rancor Muslim/Muslim initially brought. As we move closer to the election, more and more of them will lean towards Tinubu's side because if you mingle with Tinubu, you will understand his nature and negotiation power.

If Nigeria remains in 50 years, there will be a time when a strong Northern Christian will be on the ballot. If he is to pick his Vice from the South, he can never choose a Muslim southerner because two minorities cannot be on the ballot. It is impossible.

Tinubu is a minority religion from the South in terms of faith. If he chose another minority religion from the North, he would come last on Election Day.

Whose business is it if he comes last? Like who gives a Fcuk? That muslim-muslim ticket is a recipe for disaster & we like it like that.

Don't get it twisted, the rejection of Tinubu isn't about religion, it's about his conspiratorial silence & blind support for Buhari & his fulani tribe in the face of the herdsmen killings all over the country.

His refusal to condemn the fulani attacks even in his region was borne out of the fact that he didn't want to incure their wrath, such that they can support his 2023 presidential bid. To him,his lifelong ambition is worth the blood of innocent & defenseless Nigerians of which majority of the victims of these attacks are the northern christains. Even equity loving northern Muslims see it as being unfair not to talk of the christains.

The Northern christains' insistence on having a high level representation in a presidential ticket is just merely to assuage their fears that their interest will be protected. Lives are at stake here & we r treating it like they just rejected the composition of the APC ticket without valid reasons. To Tinubu, it's politics above morality.

Northern christains have made up their minds a long time ago. 

Nigerians r fed up. Don't think anybody has time for a continuation of APC's poverty-stricken policies.

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