Why I Endorse Peter Obi For President Of Nigeria - By Jeffrey Guterman

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Thought I share this article here. Your passion and optimism for a new Nigeria should shame those supposed pessimists and skeptics.

Why I Endorse Peter Obi for President of Nigeria

This is the first draft of my article “Why I Endorse Peter Obi for President of Nigeria.”

I have been asked countless times why I support Peter Obi and why I am interested in Nigeria and its politics. So I have decided to write a brief article explaining all of this. Whenever I am asked these questions, I can now point people to this article.

In 2021, I began listening to and participating in international discussions on Twitter Spaces, an audio conferencing function on Twitter. This gave me an opportunity to expand my experiences and understandings outside of the United States. In particular, I resonated with discussions by Nigerians. I would often be asked and I am still asked why a white man is interested in Nigeria. Soon, Nigerians started attending the discussions that I broadcasted.

On June 5, 2022, I learned of the mass shooting at the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Owo in Ondo State, Nigeria. I was mortified. I saw an image of congregants laying face down in pools of blood that I still cannot get out of my mind and I felt deep compassion for Nigerians that I continue to experience.

After the church attack, I began looking closely at the upcoming presidential election in Nigeria. I researched the major candidates and it became obvious to me that Peter Obi was the only choice for a better Nigeria. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the candidate for the All Progressives Congress, is a drug lord. Atiku Abubakar, the candidate for the People’s Democratic Party, laundered money. In contrast, Peter Obi, a candidate for the Labour Party, has an exemplary educational background and he served as Governor of the Anambra State with competence. There are no flies on Peter Obi. He has a positive vision for Nigeria.

When asked my opinion about the upcoming election, I would say that Obi was the only choice. And then suddenly it happened. It felt like electricity shooting through my mind and body. I became obidient and I proudly announced on Twitter my allegiance to Peter Obi. Needless to say, I was overjoyed when Obi followed me on Twitter. In early July of 2022, I began hosting online discussions to support the campaign with other supporters of Obi.

Why I Endorse Peter Obi for President of Nigeria | by Jeffrey Guterman | Aug, 2022 | Medium

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NigeriaLast activity 8 days ago

Thank you for your support and your belief in the can do spirit of Nigerians.

After reading your article on why you endorsed Peter and love Nigeria …I will not stop appreciating you sir @JeffreyGuterman, thank you so much for your support to insure that Nigeria gets a good leader come 2023.

Peter Obi means well for Nigeria and Nigerians. Support for Peter Obi is support towards the survival of Nigeria as a country. Thank you Dr Jeffrey G! Nigeria is proud of your friendship and appreciates your kindness!

It will be great to have you at the Eagle Square, Abuja when Peter Obi will be sworn in as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023.

NigeriaLast activity 7 days ago

I read your piece and appreciate he fact that you have a right to your opinion on the current democratic rigmarole going on in Nigeria.

A piece of my opinion as this is now a public writeup.

The top 3 candidates vying for office of the president of Nigeria, all have questions to answer ranging from drug pushing to money laundering and investing of public funds in company of interest.

Mr Peter Obi has undetected as his skeleton might be, due to the fact he is brilliant enough to keep his skeleton hidden amongst skeletons that the skin is still attached.

Mr Obi brought International Breweries into Nigeria and when he became governor, resigned from the Board, but still went ahead to buy shares in the same company on behalf of the state he is governing.

I quote him here;

“I brought International Breweries into Nigeria and as a Governor of a state, they built a greenfield facility in the state and they came to me and said ‘as our partner, we want you to own 15 per cent of this company’, and I said to them ‘No, right now, I am the Governor of a state.

I know the future of this brewery, and I want the state to own 10 per cent and since I’m no longer involved in the company, they can own five per cent’. I put in $30million of state money there, it’s now worth $100million and it’s still there. No other state in this country has such investment.

We know how these things work, if Mr Obi is not directly involved, he is indirectly involved.

Here again is Mr Obi's answer to Kadaria Ahmed in 2019 vice presidential debate:

“I also invested $50million of Anambra State money in the power sector. I invested several billion in banks, including banks where I have shares.

If this last one is not an indication of what a conflict of interest is, then there is no better definition of the term.

He who wants to come to the temple of justice, should approach with clean hands!

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