What I Saw Yesterday At A Wedding Ceremony


So much fun at the wedding. I noticed something. And this is not the first time. The Bride was just an average looking lady. I don't want to sound rude by saying she is ugly. Despite the heavy makeup, she is still what she is. But the story is, all her entourage, best lady, bridal train were beautiful straight girls. Her friends are so gorgeous. I kuku mingled with 3 of them exchanged whatsapp numbers. And they are telling me they are single. I keep asking, why are guys always marrying these average looking girls? Who marries these beauty queens? They are always friends of brides. Or is it me not getting the gist?

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God is good!!!

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Wedding and celebration of love

It’s not all about beauty,who the heart choose,mostly what attracted him to her.if men marry for beauty then there is problem.

If all that makes you marry a lady or guy is just Physical Beauty , Handsomeness or 6 Packs, you are in for Long thing. You have Conciously entered One Chance.

She could be a million times better than her bridesmaids...

It's not about looks alone... I don't know why men are so fixated on the beauty of a woman...

The bride could be smart, have an amazing personality...etc. The perfect partner..

Men tend to 'see'... I think it's dumb. That's why no matter how great their woman is, they would still cheat on her with someone who can't compare... Simply for a fine face, boobs and ass...

One reason I find it so hard to date...

Damnnn niggarrrr

It is not all about beauty..

When your character and the type of person you are is not a threat to a man.....then that man will marry you.

It is not all about beauty. Marry person wey get sense and give you rest of mind

It's not always about beauty.. her character might be superb and also I've been to quite a number of wedding ceremonies in which the bride is so beautiful.. so definitely beautiful girls also gets married just the ones u have attended.

Beauty attracts the face,but you see personality captures the heart. I will say he married the personality,the content in her not her beauty.

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