What Does Asiwaju Mean?

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This is difficult to Translate but a literal transliteration would be One who opens (leads) from the front A leader. The first. One who opens the road etc. It is a common honorary title in Yoruba land. conferred by different obas or kings Tinubu was given the title by the Oba of Eko( Lagos) and therefore is the Asiwaju of Eko of Lagos Town . Many people assume he is Asiwaju of Lagos State or even Yoruba land . This is inaccurate. Tinubu no doubt aspires to be Asiwaju of Yoruba land. Recently in a time of crisis , he has gone missing. This would not be the first time. I should be clear to all right thinking Yoruba just now that he does not Si waju rara ati rara. Ero eyin ni Tinubu. Ojo si ni pelu. He has lost whatever respect he has and should quietly retire and enjoy his bullion.

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He's keeping a low profile to protect himself from verbal attacks and criticisms. He's also doing this by distancing himself from the presidency. Don't be u strategic. He's protecting his head

The name with good meaning on the lips of every Omoluabi's now is Igboho 

Asiwaju can be translated to "Cowardice" in the new and refined Oxford dictionary.

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Please tell us about any Fulani politician, aspiring to be president in 2023, that has said anything about this? Una just read collect big certificates but not wise.

I am waiting.

You were right, he is Asiwaju of Lagos, not of Yoruba.

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In a game of chess, asiwaju means pawn.

In yoruba land, the oba's confers the title on people wey dem fit press their mumu button and dem go cough out cash in a blink of an eye.

What Does Asiwaju Mean?

Na format to make the person feel important so as to get what they want from them. To this guyz, money no be problem, nothing like dispensation error.

The title no even gel with anything called bravery, asiwaju wey no get sense, wey allow the feeling of being important get to his brain, na dem dey kick bucket in no time, the one wey get sense knows when to run for hin life, dey have plenty escape route, u need to camp dem very well if u wan kill dem, else, dem don japa.

Peter OBI we know.

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