Video Of Uduak Akpan Trying To Flee The Court After He Was Sentenced To Death By Hanging For Raping And Killing Job Seeker, Idiubong Umoren.

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Video of Uduak Akpan trying to flee the court after he was sentenced to death by hanging for raping and killing job seeker, Idiubong Umoren.

An Akwa Ibom State High Court presided over by Justice Bassey Nkanang on Thursday, August 4, sentenced Uduak-Abasi Akpan to death by hanging for murdering a job seeker, Iniubong Umoren

Uduak-Abasi Akpan had lured Iniubong Umoren out of her home with a fake job interview and raped and killed her in April on the outskirts of Uyo.

Delivering judgment on Thursday, the court held that:

"The use of dangerous weapons such as a stabilizer and a box iron to attack delicate parts of the human body like the head is a clear pointer that death was probably the consequence of the action."

The Court found Uduak-Abasi Frank Akpan guilty of rape and murder of Iniubong Umoren.

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So his scared of death. Lol.. I’m glad this is one of the rare cases justice is served. This is one judgment I’m so happy to hear in today’s Nigeria. See where the inability to zip your trousers and cruelty has landed you. You were comfortable taking a life you didn't create and went about your normal business😢

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He should go and test death nah,, why is he trying to run 😂😂😂 he the fear death way he gave another person😂😂😂.

Finally justice at last 👏👏, so life dey sweet you like this na you go kill an innocent girl like that, you run go nowhere o.

It’s sad to think you want to leave this beautiful world like this . You killed a girl rape her and you think her blood will not fight you , now dem say you go die , he Dey hard you to think you will be killed dis way . Justice is the hallmark of every society

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For enjoyment of some minutes if not seconds you just end ur life, de thing fit no sweet you self , because nah force you force de person nawooooo. So they have sentenced this one. So, when is Miss Female Prison Chidinma’s turn?


7 days ago

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Thank you for giving us updates on cases like this. This gives us a little respite knowing there is justice for the abused and those who were unjustly killed.🙏🙏

It seems that Nigeria is a woman! See the speed of judgment. Chidinma and Osifo is next.

How do people rakes one's life and think they will live.I don't get how people kill thinking they will be killed

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How many people have been sentenced to death without being killed up till now? They should fast-track all these sentences so that these demons won't congest our prisons.

There's one Northern woman that killed her husband until now. We haven't heard about her again... If all these Terrorists, kidnappers, etc., are arrested, they are sentenced and killed immediately. Some of these issues would've been reduced. At least jailbreak won't happen since they know their members have already been killed.

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