Video: Kwara Police Command Confirms Arrest Of Boyfriend Who Flogged His Girlfriend

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The Kwara state police command has confirmed the arrest of Fatai, the young man who teamed up with his friends to physically assault his girlfriend, Aduke, over claims that she was cheating on him.

Video: Kwara Police Command Confirms Arrest Of Boyfriend Who Flogged His Girlfriend


Fatai had invited Aduke to his house where his friends held Aduke's hands and legs and then he proceeded to flog her. At a point, he even opened her pants and flogged her bare butt. The video has elicited reactions from Nigerians, many of whom are calling for the prosecution of Fatai and his friends.

In a chat with GIST this morning, the spokesperson of the Kwara state police command, SP Ajayi Okasanmi, said the suspects have all been arrested and will be paraded today, June 21.

''Yes, the boys have been arrested and we are investigating the matter. By today, we will parade them so the world will see their faces'' he said

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Is she not stupid for lying down for him to be flogged in the first place? If it was her father that told her to lie down to be flog would she have obeyed him? Why are you blaming the young man. May he cast a spell on her but if not, She new what she was benefiting from him for her to lie down for him to flog.

one by one karma will be catching up with all those endsars yẹyẹ youths wey one scatter 9ja. ṣebi na police Burna boy take harass fellow Nigerian oh! #Endears or #Endtinubu... because na Tollgate be SARS office

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According to her friends, Fatai had invited her to his house without giving her any hint of what he was about to do. When she arrived at his home, she met some of his friends, all male, in his living room. He then started to interrogate her, accusing her of engaging in hookups. Things took a different turn when he and his friends forcefully grabbed her hands and legs and then he began to flog her with a cane.

At a point, he pulled her pant and flogged her bare butt. He had a change of heart and wore her pant back.

Aduke took to her Whatsapp status to share videos from the scene. The matter was reported to the police and Army and the boys were picked up. Her friends are alleging that the matter might have been swept under the carpet.

I really can't understand these kind of women at all. Fortunately, she reported the incident to the police. Here's hoping she does not return to the slowpoke.

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Foolish Yoruba goats

Local yahoo boys

It's always advisable that when dating a lady never spend a dime on her or spend what you cannot afford to loose so that in case of eventualities like cheating you simple just parts ways without having any issues with her ................. But people won't listen should only spend on your wife and not girlfriends.......

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He goat. So you have the audacity to beat gf how much have you spent on her that's sharking you. I hope the girl gets to flog the foolishness out of them as well. Even if you have spent millions on her, you have to right to carry out such barbaric act. Pls proceed in the parade to serve a deterrent to other brother elepon blue out there. Kudos to Kwara Police for acting so swiftly. If only Lagos Police would take notes and deal with Burna boy and his shooting saga so efficiently.

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That lady should run for her life from that Animal or else she is playing with fire. Even if he apologise for his actions, she should just move far from him. That boy and friends might be cultists. Shameless man. What a disgrace. She’s not even your wife. And even if she is, you have no right. What rubbish. You are your friends should be jailed. Your family and friends should be ashamed of you.

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