To The Glory Of God. How I Overcame My Addiction To Virtual Sports Betting In Nigeria


To the glory of God, I've overcome that addiction and I no longer play sports virtual betting anymore. There have been significant changes in my life. I have also been able to offset my debts totally. The peace of mind I have these days cannot be explained. I remember that I owed a particularly guy over a hundred thousand naira. I have been able to pay that debt wholly. I am at peace now with myself and my environment. I have looked back and that is why I have decided to share my story and how I overcame this addiction. I want to encourage as many as are passing through the same challenge. You will definitely overcome it as you follow my story. My addiction to playing virtual sports betting started off as a joke. I remember I used to go to different video game centers while I was in secondary school. I started going to game centers sometime in 2007. My father (of blessed memory) was against it then citing several reasons but I remained adamant. I remember how he used to punish/flog me then but I secretly went behind him and continued to play video games. This continued for several months until a particular day I entered a video game center /bet shop. I remember seeing some numbers with decimals on the TV screen. My curiosity made me ask the owner of the shop what it meant. He explained everything to me. I then decided to try what he explained even though I did not understand anything which he said. I remember staking 100 naira and I won 350 naira in seconds. I couldn't believe it! To say that I was happy was an understatement. I ran off after collecting the money and spent it on unnecessary things. I was just too happy that I had finally seen where I could make free and fast money anytime I wished. Oh! How wrong I was! The following day, I went back there with more money. This time around, I didn't go there to play video games but I went with the sole intention of playing that thing I saw on the screen the previous day. I later found out that it is called virtual sports betting. I went with 500 naira with the hope of winning just like the previous day but surprisingly, I lost it in a flash. I couldn't believe my eyes! This became the beginning of my woes

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sport betting is like a cancer to the player. When u go so deep inside, it take a strong discipline to come up

I pity those who get hope inside it that one say they will make it there. Common, that game was not design for you bruz, it was design for the bet company and that is while you wonder that you hardly see people becoming so wealthy from it.

Play for fun like I do. I only bet spare change and I regularly play the lottery at shopping malls. That's the only way to keep winning.

I know a friend who has been jobless for almost three years now and he supports his family with sports betting.

Nothing wrong with sports betting na you wan turn Elon Musk overnight.


one month ago

virtual betting on phones has codes.. you don't stake anyhow.. you wait for some particular codes to pop up then stake.. I can tell you number of times have actually won 8k with just 100naira. I know my limits and when I start losing I log out immediately.. they understood most of us are greedy and that's why many keep lossin.

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