There Is A Lack Of Enough Age Gap Or Spacing Between Siblings In Nigeria

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I have always wanted to write on this particular article about the lack of enough gap or spacing of children by most Nigerian parents!

There Is A Lack Of Enough Age Gap Or Spacing Between Siblings In Nigeria

Few months back I was driving along that Abuja-suleja road and decided to stop by to buy some roasted plantain(boli) from a woman by the roadside! But I couldn't help notice her two baby boys crying profusely, she was holding onto one while the other was on the floor, initially I thought they were twins but after looking well, I noticed that the boy on the floor was a bit older! So I offered to help her console the older child because she was obviously frustrated and so that she can be faster with my plantain so I can hit the road back!

I carried the boy to console him and I was surprised by the way the boy clinged to me and immediately stopped crying, he was still a baby who needs his mother's attention and cuddling but all was cut short because he now has a baby brother! I asked the women for their ages and she said the older was 2 years old and his brother was 1 year old! I was not really surprised but angry at the poor spacing between children by most of our Nigerian parents!

I mean if she has given them at least a 3 to 4years age gap, the older brother will be old enough to console and play with his younger brother, while she will be able do her work without getting frustrated and depriving the older baby of the care, attention and also stopping his breastfeeding at that early stage! This lack of child spacing habits is very common among our parents!

I just want to urge our upcoming parents, new couples and singles hoping to get married someday and give birth to please practice a good child spacing of at least 2-4years age gap, it has a lot of benefits and also give you time to take care of the child properly and also allowing the mothers body rest and become stronger in preparation for another child

There Is A Lack Of Enough Age Gap Or Spacing Between Siblings In Nigeria

A gap of 3 years or more greatly reduces the chances of sibling rivalry. By this time the older child is secure in him or herself and quite independent. In addition, the mother's body is fully recovered from the challenges of pregnancy and birth of the first child.

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child spacing isn't the problem here. But the care given to the children which is lack of planning and poverty ruined. Mercy Johnson did the same and she has a healthy children.

Other well to do individuals did the same thing, planned ahead and made provision for it. No matter the spacing between children, issues like this and worst will come up if there's no plan and resource to nurture them.

I see nothing bad in having all your children within short period and couples face raising them together provided it's well planned and resource are available. One man's food is another's poison.

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Na so my female neighbor marry ooo. Smallie for that matter 4 yrs ago oo. We don enter 5th year. Belle baby number 5 don enter, If you see the remaining four kids. Dem be like quadruplets. Almost same size

And most annoying thing both she and d husband no dey tek care of d kids.

She looks old now sef. Too many kids in little time. Haba na. Make we dey fear God, to staff sef require sense.


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FamilyLast activity one month ago

Nigerian graduates sha. I have to realize say sense no be because you get certificate.

Just imagine say I go pharmacy to buy condoms, the seller who happens to be a registered nurse dey look me one kain all coz of her religious BS. Isn't she supposed to be happy that I'm tryna protect myself from infections and getting a lady pregnant when not needed now.

Some people ehn. The couple wey I explain above too na religion things.

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We are five siblings...and we are all 3 yrs difference in age,

I think it all depends on the circumstances..

For example people are marrying late these days, and they have no time to space . They go into emergency reproduction.. If you can take care of the children and if it will pose any risk on the mother...why not


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I am a married man and except you get married you may not understand very well. A lot of kids come through accidental discharge.

In fact my second kid was not planned. I was using withdrawal method and even avoiding ovulation time but lol, didn't work.

Oyibo people would call that unwanted pregnancy and abort it but we Nigerians have conscience. Even family planning also fail these days. My brother nobody will intentionally space his kids for just 1 year. Impossible

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