My Wife Slaps And Beats Me Up Whenever We Quarrel, She Also Denies Me Sex. I'm Fed Up With This Marriage

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I want to use this medium to seek for your advice.. Me and my wife has been together since 2014, although we have not done marriage as we only did introduction, but we planned having our marriage this year, we had two kids, but I think right now I'm not comfortable living with my wife. I am not enjoying this relationship anymore, she keeps beating me whenever there is quarrel between us, she is fond of slapping me and giving me punches, at times she makes use of wire and and broom to scatter my head. The one that happened on Monday is really giving me much concern, she checked my phone and saw a friend I was chatting with and instead of her to ask me about the lady, the next thing she did was to slap me and she started beating me to the extent of having right hand dislocation.. It's not as if she can beat me if I decided to fight back, I don't want to raise my hand on a woman, it's a curse and I don't want to do that, this is getting out of hand and I am not living comfortable at home again, we sleep on different bed, she doesn't allow me touch her again. She is even planning to get a room by ending of this month when she gets her salary.. I told my sister about her behavior, the advice she gave me is that I should beat the hell out of her whenever she raises her hand to beat me. I have pleaded with my wife to let us continue the way we have been doing before but she wouldn't listen to me. I am really confused and I don't know what to do right now.. I need your advice my great people of Gist

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Like beat beat ?

Okay on the topic

Beat beat her back na, lol no o.

ou should stop doing what will make her flogging you. Respect your madam and be a good boy.

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What other advise do you think we can offer you than to beat her next time?

You don’t necessarily have to give her punches and dislocate her jaw.

Next time She starts the rubbish, pin her down, hold her two hands and use slaps to finish her butt. Beat her like a little kid.


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After 8 years of housing a woman without paying shishi on her head, you done give her belle two times, she dey perform wifely duties to you even though you no be her husband and you want us to give you what advice?

Make she continue to dey flog you.

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Mr Man.. I think the best thing you can do in this kind of situation is to quit the so called relationship, u can't tell me u guys still wants to get married to each other with all that is happening, u should be happy that u haven't married her yet so quit the relationship and make sure u take proper care of ur children.. you don't have to marry someone just because they had children for u and beating her back the next time isn't an option.

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