My Female Colleague Stopped Talking To Me After I Blocked Her Because She Wouldn't Do The Same By Giving Me Inside Info Of What Is Happening At Work.


So this female colleague of mine doesn't pick my call when I need to get information of the happenings in the office yet I pick hers and always ready to give her reliable information concerning work. I urgently needed her one day and had to call again, she didn't pick my calls, she didn't apologise afterwards. I had to block her. So she needed me again and called my number and it wasn't going through. When she saw me she reacted negatively and wasn't talking to me. But do I care? She's not useful to me but want me to be useful to her

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one month ago

You did the right thing son. you are now a grown man. law of growing up is take care of those who take care of you and show concern of those who do the same. unless he or she is feeding you or paying your nepa bills, those are the two life support that want to kill a Man in this Buhari government.

you did good, infact you would have started since the day you were aware she doesn't pick your call that's a trait of narcissism, I guess she has many SIMPS at her feet that's why she feels she can do anyhow

You must be single/unmarried!

The average married woman put her phone in her bag. The phone might ring like 5 times before she picks it.

Secondly, you are not one of her inner circles of gist mongers therefore you will not receive priority in call-back.

You could have asked her gently when you called her. It could be something worth hearing and if one had too many missed calls, sometimes you miss out on one or two. She could have apologized if you called her attention to it...

Guys of these days sha...

Sorry bro!

It seems you have feelings for her . The earlier you understand that your work colleagues are not your friend the better for you. They can run you down at anytime just to get ahead in the company and also try avoid office politics.

I can totally relate bro. You are always available when they need you but never respond when you need them. That is how selfish and self centered people can be. Block her ass and end the friendship. She can NEVER be useful to you

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