"Let The Dead Bury The Dead." What Does This Statement Really Mean?

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I have tried understanding that scripture since I was a kid, till now I still don't understand. Does he mean the Owo attack that people died in the church, living members shouldn't have buried them. But leave them there for the dead people to come bury them?

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Let the Dead Bury the Dead: A Matter of Priority

First let me go and bury my father.”

When you think of burials today, our process is rather straightforward. A person dies and within days there is usually a funeral. Once the funeral is complete, you go to the gravesite and proceed with burying the body. This is typically done within the same day or at most the funeral is one day and the burial the next. Regardless of how it’s done, the process isn’t long and drawn out, and is completed within a short span of time.

This man’s situation was a little bit different. For starters, the man’s father wasn’t dead yet. In Jesus’ day the statement this man made had a completely different meaning than it would have today. In his article, Billy Graham explains what the man is really saying: Jesus I will follow you but first let me stay with my father, until he dies. I am not sure how long that will take but once that happens then I will bury him. When that is done then I will come and follow you.

There is something else this man may have been considering…his inheritance. It’s possible this man was waiting to claim an inheritance from his father. So he wasn’t just saying he wanted to wait until his father died. He was also saying – Lord I have some money coming to me and I want to secure my financial future. Once that happens, I will be ready and at that time I will come and follow you. It was a matter of priority.

Regardless of the primary reason – this man was hesitant in following Jesus. He felt there was something more important for him to do right now. He was telling Jesus I will get back to you later. Following Jesus was important but it wasn’t important enough. His priorities were out of order and Jesus recognized it.

A Matter of Urgency

“Let the dead bury their own dead.”

Now that we have some context, let’s see what else Jesus was pointing out in this man. This man not only had his priorities out of order, what he also missed was a sense of urgency. He made the false assumption that he could leave today and come back later and follow Jesus. Countless people have assumed that they could put off following Jesus until later, but later never comes. Either they get sucked up in the cares of this life or some unfortunately die before they revisit the opportunity. Following Jesus is not only a matter of priority, it is a matter of urgency.

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I will try and explain to you.

In Jewish custom, there's a relationship that exists between the father and the first born son that relationship is called, "the firstborn son relationship" it only exists between the father and the first born son. Not the first born daughter, or anyone else.

Now, in that relationship, the custom says, whatever the father has belong to the first born son, if not all, at least 2/3 of the properties.

However, the Jewish custom also says that for the first born son to take over his inheritance, he must be the one to bury his father when he dies. Remember, the jew bury their dead in the same day.

The prodigal son never really loved his dad, the reason why he stayed back home was because of his inheritance, he was the first born son, so it was easier for the junior one to go because by virtual of birth, he had no inheritance.

Also, the reason why Esau did didn't go after Jacob immediately was because he was a firstborn son, and if he went after him, and his father (Isaac) dies, there's no way he would be home to bury his father same day so he can take over his inheritance. That's why Esau waited till Isaac died before he went after Jacob.

Now, I believe by now you understand the Jewish custom...

That guy Jesus told to let the dead bury their dead was a firstborn son. Remember, the only reason he gave Jesus was, "let me go home and bury my father, then I will follow you".

Literally, his father wasn't dead, but he was telling Jesus that I can't follow you until my father is dead. Because if he follows Jesus and his father died, there's no way he will get home the same day to bury his father so that he can take over his inheritance. So he was telling Jesus, oga wait first, let's pray my dad dies so quickly so I can take over my money, we need it for the gospel.

When Jesus said, "let the dead bury their dead", Jesus was telling him, let other children who are dead to the first born son relationship (who by birth doesn't own it,) let them take over it. In other words, FORGO YOUR INHERITANCE AND FOLLOW ME.

That's it.. If you want more clarification, I am here

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It literally means that you should face your own matter and do not meddle in what does not concern you.

"Let The Dead Bury The Dead." What Does This Statement Really Mean?

Meanwhile Happy Father's Day to every responsible fathers out there. Those that are shouldering their responsibility as the MAN of the house, loving their wives as their help meet and pointing their children to the right way.

May the Lord bless and keep you all in Jesus's name. Amen


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Let the dead bury their dead: As shown in Lu 9:59, the father of the man to whom Jesus is talking was likely ailing or elderly, not dead.

Therefore, Jesus is evidently saying: ‘Let those who are spiritually dead bury their dead,’ that is, the man should not wait to make his decision to follow Jesus, since other relatives could apparently care for the father until his death.

By following Jesus, the man put himself on the way to eternal life, not among those who were spiritually dead before God. In his reply, Jesus shows that putting the Kingdom of God first in one’s life and declaring it far and wide are essential to remaining spiritually alive.

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"Let the dead bury the dead" Possible meaning: This is generally taken to imply that we should spend our time and energy on living people, not on dead people

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Here is what led to Jesus saying those words:

Luke 9:59

He (Jesus) said to another man, “Follow me.” But he replied, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.”

Then Jesus reply:

Luke 9:60

Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”

So what does it mean ?

The word "dead" is used twice in the sentence.

The first one refers to those who are alive but dead (spiritually). These people do not know about God or believe in God.

The second one refers to someone who is dead (physically and spiritually). That is someone who died without knowing God.

The man Jesus was talking to has already found Jesus. So he is not dead (spiritually), that is why Jesus was setting his priorities straight. Saying he should leave the dead (spiritually dead) to bury their dead (spiritually and physically dead).

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The rich man was more invested in the customs and traditions associated in the burial of people. Most of these rituals have pagan practices - 40 days remembrance, 100 days remembrance, shaving the hair of the widow, having her drink the water used to bath the corpse, having her sleep beside the corpse for some days, carrying out certain superstitious rites to ensure passage of the dead, etc.

They say they do these things to ensure that the dead 'rests in peace', but even the Bible says the dead are unconscious with no thoughts, intentions or plans. From the day they die, they become dust and perish.

Jesus statement 'let the dead bury the dead' therefore means that as Christians, we should not be drawn into the long and unbearable process of burial traditions and superstitions in such a way that it harms our race to salvation and makes us put our hands into practices that God disapproves of.

Jesus wasn't against burial.

The covenant fathers - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob etc were all buried according to Jewish tradition. The disciples of John buried him after he was killed, Even Jesus was buried by Joseph Aritmea after crucifixion.

The phrase must be placed in context, the disciple was seeking to follow Jesus but there was a 'BUT' - He wanted to put the burial of his father

And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. Matt 8 v 21.

And that was what made Jesus give the response - Jesus is THE LIFE and outside him, everything represents spiritual death, so you cannot put anything before him.

Another angle is, many scholars believe the statement also implied that the man was trying to sort out his inheritance first (bury my father) before following Jesus, meaning Jesus was actually indicating that you cannot put carnal, wordly, dead things ahead of the call of God.

It has absolutely nothing to do with Owo Massacre if you understand the context

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