Learning BIG DATA Or Other Related IT Courses Is Very Expensive. Should Anyone Invest And Learn It, And Is There A Job Guaranteed?

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Hi Gisters, I urgently need your input and counsel. My younger brother happened to have run into an old friend who is doing well for himself. From their last meeting, the friend promised to help him further his studies on the condition that the course or skill of interest would be the one that would allow him to achieve financial stability. And told him to think about it and get back to him next week. This is because he has little time to spend in the country. When my brother told me about it, I advised him to go for MSc in Chemistry, preferably Analytical chemistry in UniLag. However, he wanted to go the tech route, preferably BIG DATA analytics or Software engineering. I told him to go for Analytical Chemistry, as it will be cheaper, and he can quickly get a lot of school options, like UniBen, UI, UniLag, etc. And he can soon get a decent job with it, without much stress. Unlike BIG DATA or other related IT courses that are very expensive, their skill acquisition centers are tough to find (I mean the perfect ones). And of which getting a job is very stressful, as it requires a lot of processes and procedures, especially for remote jobs. Please did I advise him well, or should he attend his Tech-related courses? He is 33years and has been a tutor since he graduated from the University. Thank you.

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How lucrative are IT courses? Very. The way the world is going now, remote jobs should be his target.

Are they expensive? Not always.

I'd recommend these sites:

1. Udemy $10 - $20 per course.

2. Udacity is around $500 for a group of related courses that will make one a master of a particular area.

Learning BIG DATA Or Other Related IT Courses Is Very Expensive. Should Anyone Invest And Learn It, And Is There A Job Guaranteed?

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Will the person be given a certificate at the end of the course? If yes, is the certificate a recognized and accepted one in upwork or fiverr or any where? Thank you

500USD is almost 400,000 naira (which one can conveniently use to do a Masters in Nigeria) So what are the things one needs to put in place (like must-have-gadgets and accessories, etc.) to ensure smooth learning and what are the challenges in learning online courses? Can these challenges be avoided or reduced to barest minimum or they cannot be avoided?


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Yes, IT Courses can be very lucrative if you are an excellent Learner, not just a good Student. If you are just a good student, you will pay for a million and one courses before you ever amount to anything significant.

My advice, if you want a qualitative experience that has enormous potential upside, I will advise:

1. Pay for Pluralsight Courses. (usually above $200)

Udemy and co. It will be cheaper, but Pluralsight provides job-ready context. Tech companies in uptraining their staff prefer it. Pick quality over price.

2. Leetcode Pro

To practice your Data Structure and Algorithm Knowledge. This is the foundation of your application of programming concepts. DSA has highly sought after. Coding Job Interviews are hinged on DSA knowledge.

3. Read Technical Books and Documentation:

We love audio-visual learning materials, but books written by experts in the selected fields give you a lot of retained value you can never get out of hour-long videos where the creator tries to minimize time and size and sacrifice value/content. Read Documentation on the languages, frameworks, and packages you are working with. Books on the Computer Science Fundamentals should be prioritized.

4. Learn Extensively :

IT field is vast and dynamic. Tools and resources become obsolete quickly. So you have to refresh your knowledge frequently.

Try to know as much as or more than the next person. The field is competitive. You can't rest on little knowledge. Brush up on various skills and technologies you can pick up when ready but don't try to become an expert. Pick One field that catches your passion, delve in deeper, and commit more effort than the rest.

5. Build Projects and Gain Real Work Experience:

You don't sell yourself in this field with grammar or a well styled CV. You do that exclusively by your capacity. You have to show your capacity to fulfill job demands in various forms. Either by being an avid team player in a group with amazing projects and show your impact on the team or your solo projects that show your skills and abilities are top notch by production standards.

Skilled developers with no degree are employed over nominal CS grads. It's all about what you can do.

With these you can begin Job applications, that is a whole other issue and topic. But, you would stand a very solid chance. Tech pays well indeed. Remote job offers begin at $30,000 in well paying regions. Some companies especially in Canada and US can use special immigration policies to sponsor your work visa to move over and continue work in their country.

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Learning an online course is not the same as having expertise in the subject area; without extensive practice, that course is useless. The way most I.T companies work is that they'll still train you in the company's cultural and operational methods, but you must be able to scale an interview without looking like a confused person.

If the goal is to earn lots of money, then I.T is not for you; success in this field requires passion and tough skin. Your ability to translate complex technical language into simple and concise statements for the target audience(consumers, management, etc.) is everything!

In all that you do, stay away from that Chemistry trap; those jobs are the least flexible in this global economy of gbas gbos!

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